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31 of the Most Popular Clubs and Organizations at Binghamton University

Did you know Binghamton University has over 450 student clubs and organizations? Clubs are an amazing way to meet new people, develop skills and boost your résumé. In a recent Instagram post, we asked students to nominate their favorites. These were the most popular responses!


Members of Explorchestra pose for a photo

Are you interested in making original music but can’t find a place to share it? Explorchestra is perfect for you! This group provides an opportunity for student musicians to showcase their new work, while collaborating with others.

Caribbean Student Association

Members of the Caribbean Student Association pose for a photo

The Caribbean Student Association strives to bring students of Caribbean and Pan-African descent together, while educating them on their unique and rich culture. They are dedicated to the theme “One Love.”


Members of our rowing club practice

This club sport is all about teamwork. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rower, you’ll be trained to compete in high-level competitions. Have some fun, get great exercise and learn the importance of collaboration!

Ballroom Dance

Members of ballroom dance club dancing

No previous experience is required at this social club! The Binghamton Ballroom Dance Club teaches a new dance each week. This casual alternative to the competitive team is a great place to learn ballroom dance while meeting new people.


Members of Kickline perform

This 30-member squad performs at all home basketball, soccer and lacrosse games, as well as other campus and community events. Kickline is one of Bighamton’s four spirit squads, performing a variety of dance routines.


Members of the women's lacrosse team pose for a photo

Both of our lacrosse teams are tight-knit communities. With a dedicated roster of about 40 players, our women’s team competes against other club teams, sometimes traveling to do so. The men’s team is made up of between 30-50 players. Like the women’s team, they are highly competitive and have players from different backgrounds and skill levels. Get some exercise and make new friends!

Black Dance Repertoire

Members of Black Dance Repertoire perform

Black Dance Repertoire brings a unique art of dance to campus. This multi-racial and ethnic dance group performs at many events, including their annual dance exhibition Exposé.


Our softball team plays a game

Our two softball teams are women’s fastpitch and co-ed slowpitch. Both teams practice twice a week. Women’s fastpitch is a competitive team and plays against other schools throughout each semester. Co-ed slowpitch is a recreational team with the purpose of getting outside and practicing skills.

Association of Mixed Students

Members of BU Association of Mixed Students pose for a photo

BU Association of Mixed Students (B.A.M.S.) is an organization where students of mixed backgrounds, as well as those interested in the issues facing students of mixed backgrounds, can express their concerns and interests to each other and the campus community at large. Some students of mixed backgrounds feel as though the existing cultural groups don’t address their needs, or only address them in part. The purpose is to supply students of mixed backgrounds with an environment they feel comfortable in.


Members of ChinaScope pose for a photo

ChinaScope is dedicated to creating an open environment to learn about Chinese culture. It is a friendly environment where you can make friends while being educated. Join this community to learn and connect with others!

Note to Self

Note to Self members pose for a photo

Note to Self is an a cappella group with a unique focus on civic engagement. They perform music, while also serving on and off campus, from local community centers to food rescues. As someone who has been to some of their shows, they’re extremely impressive and filled with members who want to make a positive impact in the community.

Video Game Association

Members of the Video Game Association competing in a tournament

This large association is about building relationships in the gaming community. They host many events, such as game nights for casual players. Play your favorites, as well as some new ones, and make some friends!


Members of tennis club pose for a photo

Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the co-ed tennis club. At meetings each week, students can choose who to play with or be matched up with players of similar skill levels. There is an option for tournaments within the club, if members desire.


Members of Quimbamba perform

Quimbamba brings Latino and African cultures together in a diverse environment. This dance club hopes to educate Binghamton about Latin culture through performances and events. It provides entertaining Latin dance performances for the University, as well as the Greater Binghamton area.


Members of our rugby team celebrate

Rugby is one of the most competitive and well-organized sports clubs on campus. The men’s team practices in the fall and competes in tournaments in the spring. The women’s team competes regularly. Both teams play Division 1 schools!

National Society of Black Engineers

National Society for Black Engineers members pose for a photo

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) aims to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. They host workshops with the goal of developing different professional and technical skills. NSBE is the lead organization for National Engineers Week, where they attempt to raise awareness of engineering for underrepresented ethnic groups.

Ultimate Frisbee

Members of ultimate frisbee club pose for a photo

This co-ed club, featuring three different teams, plays one of America’s fastest-growing sports. Ultimate combines aspects of multiple sports to create a ton of fun. Compete in this fast-paced environment!


Members of MODA X pose for a photo

MODA X is a dance academy with two subgroups. MODA, the first subgroup, performs mostly hip-hop/street style and modern/urban dance. Paradox, the second subgroup, focuses on Korean pop. It is a safe environment that brings different cultures and styles together.


Members of undivided pose for a photo

This new multicultural R&B group helps everyone grow musically. There is an emphasis on the importance of diversity, while students of different backgrounds come together to share their passion for music. It is a safe space for music lovers.

Bangali Student Association

Members of Bangali Student Association

The Bangali Student Association is focused on celebrating the vibrant and unique Bangali culture. By spreading their message to the student body, they aim to create a diverse and educated campus community.


Members of our volleyball club team pose for a photo

Both volleyball teams compete regularly in tournaments. In the spring, the men’s team plays in a three-day national championship tournament. Similarly, the women’s team competes in the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association championships.

Slam Poetry

Members of the slam poetry club pose for a photo

The emerging art form of slam poetry has hit our campus. This club attempts to enrich students by increasing the accessibility of poetry. They actively work to enhance student writers and performers, and foster self-expression, confidence and community among them.


Members of our equestrian club pose for a photo

Our equestrian club is an off-campus based sport. Lessons, shows, fundraising, and club participation are essential for club members.

Hindu Student Council

Members of the Hindu Student Council Pose for a Photo

This organization tries to promote and spread awareness of Hinduism and Indian culture on campus. To learn more and stay engaged, give them a follow on Facebook!


Members of the running club pose for a photo

The co-ed running club is made up of members with a range of skill levels. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the campus and surrounding area. Meet new people and have fun running!

The Women’s Network

Members of The Women's Network: Bing at a recent meeting

The Women’s Network: Bing is a chapter of The Women’s Network. The group strives to redefine ambition for women and create strong networks for students. Members are connected to industry leaders, professional development resources and career opportunities.

Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program

Members of JUMP Nation pose for a photo

The Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program (J.U.M.P. Nation) seeks to decrease the high school dropout rate in urban areas, while increasing the enrollment of students from these areas in institutions of higher education. Each year, “at-risk” 8th-graders from urban areas are selected for the four-day JUMP weekend. They are brought to campus with all expenses paid, while members of J.U.M.P. Nation support these students and introduce them to higher education.


Members of K-Pop Club pose for a photo

K-Pop Club is one of the fastest-growing organizations on campus. They spread the joy and art of K-pop (Korean popular music). Students of any background are welcome to learn about the culture, beauty and iconic figures in the K-pop space!


Swifties pose for a picture

Love Taylor Swift? This is the place for you! Bing Swifties is a recently formed club for fans to listen to her music and discuss her impact. Fill in that “blank space” in your schedule by meeting with this fun group!

Pre-Occupational & Physical Therapy Association

Members of POPTA pose for a photo

The Pre-Occupational & Physical Therapy Association (POPTA) prepares students with the necessary tools for success in their education and future careers. It is also a place where undergraduates learn about the various disciplines of occupational and physical therapy.

Quiz Bowl

Members of Quiz Bowl Club pose for a photo

Into trivia? Give Quiz Bowl a shot! This club practices weekly while participating in monthly competitions against other schools in the Jeopardy-esque academic trivia game.

This blog only highlights a fraction of the amazing clubs and opportunities available at Binghamton University. Take our club quiz and find out more about yourself and what clubs are best for you.

Shawn Ammann is an intern for the Office of Media and Public Relations, and a junior majoring in English. He is undecided on a career path, but is interested in screenwriting and sportswriting. He enjoys playing basketball, running, watching movies and writing.

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