July 21, 2024
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15 BinghamtonU TikToks You Have to See

The Binghamton University TikTok is made up of energetic and creative students that work together to create wholesome, funny, interesting and helpful content. Here are 15 of my favorite videos that they’ve posted!

LUMA Festival

@binghamtonu Highlights from LUMA

This fast-paced video with quick cuts shows off the annual LUMA festival, which is a huge hit. LUMA is a projection arts festival in downtown Binghamton. Check it out!

Nature Preserve Hike

@binghamtonu Summer in the Nature Preserve #binghamtonuniversity #binghamton #summer #naturepreserve #barbie #hike ♬ original sound - Billie Eilish Home

Masterpiece! This well-edited video shows the beauty of our Nature Preserve.

Wes Anderson Film

@binghamtonu Who needs Hollywood when you have Binghamton University?

This may be my favorite TikTok Binghamton University has ever posted! The cinematography is phenomenal, as it models a great director’s style in Wes Anderson.

Spring Fling

@binghamtonu Rides, games, a concert, and cotton candy—what more could we ask for? Shoutout to the @bingsapb for another successful Spring Fling.

This action-packed, 7-second video shows how fun Spring Fling is here at Binghamton. It features friends having fun at different events, as well as a happy dog!

Rumble Ponies Game

@binghamtonu The Ponies are HOME all week! Grab your friends, enjoy some ballpark food, and cheer on Binghamton’s very own minor-league baseball team.

As a big Mets fan, this video is special to me. It shows off Mirabito Stadium in Downtown Binghamton, where the New York Mets Double-A Affiliate, the Rumble Ponies, play their home games.

Augmented Reality Sandbox

@binghamtonu Playing in the sand has never felt so high-tech! Stop by the Binghamton Art Museum to see this AR Sandbox in person. #sandbox #artmuseum #artexhibit #binghamtonuniversity #binghamton #campus #interview #augmentedreality #artificialintelligence #vr #ai #ar #arsandbox#interactive #cool #boys #fyp #viral ♬ sonido original - Alfredo

This video highlights a really cool exhibit in the Binghamton University Art Museum. It looks super interesting, and I’ll have to try it out some time!

The “B” Photo 2023

@binghamtonu Welcome home, Bearcats! Good luck this semester. You’ll do great!

This post blew up! It shows a really cool time-lapse of our Class of 2027 students coming together to form the B.

Falling For Binghamton

@binghamtonu Feeling the fall vibes

This calm, drone-shot video shows how beautiful our campus is, especially in the Fall. All the different colors merge together to showcase top-notch foliage on and around Binghamton University.

Spring Restaurant Week

@binghamtonu Spring Restaurant Week runs until Thurs., 3/30! Check out eatbing.com for a full list of menus and deals! I’ll see you out there! @official_eatbing #restaurant #restaurantweek #binghamton #eatbing #binghamtonuniversity #bibghamtonu #foodtok #bartok #dining #collegelife #binghamtonu #lunch #pasta #burger #yum #fyp #viral #downtown #special ♬ Non, je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf

I’m extremely hungry after watching this one. It shows off the different foods at our local restaurants, and it all looks delicious.

Hidden Gems Around Campus

@binghamtonu Come with Sara to some “hidden” places around campus

This video is very helpful and educational. It highlights lesser-known spots on campus that I encourage everyone to check out.

Finals Spots Draft

@binghamtonu Which study spot is your starting player this finals season, Binghamton? #draft #draftpick #draftguys #binghamtonuniversity #college #finals #finalsseason #fyp #trend #podcastclips #sports #football #basketball #studyspots #suny ♬ original sound - Binghamton

I’m a big draft guy, so this video hits home. It also mentions a few spots that I haven’t tried out yet, so I’ll be sure to check them out this semester!

Giancarlo Esposito

@binghamtonu Quick recap on GianCarlo’s visit to Binghamton

I was here! This recap boasts our wonderful student run committee, BingSAPB. They coordinate and host entertaining events such as this one, where famous actor Giancarlo Esposito, who is best known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian, fielded questions and spoke about his illustrious career.

Binghamton Alphabet

@binghamtonu We had to get creative for W - Z

It’s fun to follow along with the journey of the TikTok team as they find every letter of the alphabet on campus. They show off some premier spots that you may not know about!

Special Collections Archive

@binghamtonu The ultimate throwback Thursday

This place is awesome. In a class I took last spring, we went on a field trip here. I recommend this location to everyone!

Top 5 Spookiest Spots on Campus

@binghamtonu Happy Halloween! Join us for a tour of campus’s spookiest locations— if you dare

Who doesn’t love a good ranking? In this Halloween-inspired video, we find some spooky spots on campus.

These are just 15 of the hundreds of great TikToks on our page. Be sure to follow us and see our new content!

Shawn Ammann is an intern for the Office of Media and Public Relations, and a junior majoring in English. He is undecided on a career path, but is interested in screenwriting and sportswriting. He enjoys playing basketball, running, watching movies and writing.

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