June 17, 2024
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Cohen recruits students to Binghamton

​As a nationally renowned nutritionist who has appeared on television and written books, Marlo (Sinrod) Cohen ’90 is in the business of giving advice. And she loves to talk. This led to a volunteer opportunity and, later, a job with Binghamton University.

“I have a lot of teenage patients, and we’d talk about what they want to do after high school. I’d always talk about Binghamton with pride and tell these kids what a great value and experience they’d get. It just flowed naturally that I would help the school with recruiting,” says Cohen, who was an active alumni admissions volunteer on Long Island.

In that role, Cohen attended several college fairs each year and talked to students who were interested in applying to Binghamton. She also emailed admitted students, offering congratulations as well as her thoughts on where they should enroll. Whether in person or online, Cohen touted the many opportunities to explore careers and interests both in and out of the classroom. Late last fall, she became the first alumni volunteer to join the Undergraduate Admissions staff; she’s a regional recruiter on Long Island.

“When I was [in the students’ position], it was my dad who offered me advice and encouragement,” she says. “He always told me to take chances, put myself out there and never limit myself. He inspired me to put myself in places where there were growth opportunities. And that’s what I tell these kids.”

Cohen readily shares with prospective students what she loves and appreciates about Binghamton: an education that positioned her for success, an amazing study-abroad experience in London and lifelong friendships, among other things.

“I’ve sometimes run into students, and they realize they met me at a college fair. They tell me going to Binghamton was the best decision they ever made. It’s so nice to hear they fell in love with the school and that I was able to give them a true representation of the Binghamton experience.”

She doesn’t have to look too far to get that same reaction, as she has two nieces at Binghamton.

“The world and the campus are so different now compared to when I was a student, but they say the same things I have said about Binghamton. They belong, and they don’t want to be anywhere else.”

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