Media and Public Relations, Summer 2019

Media and Public Relations Activities

The Office of Media and Public Relations produced a wide variety of photo, video and social media content to highlight Commencement 2019.

We also produced two unique videos: “Four Unforgettable Years” features Binghamton graduating seniors reminiscing about their time at Binghamton and the opportunities the University provided, and “Binghamton University Commencement ’19 Reel” is a stylized summary of Commencement weekend.

We produced seven bite-sized research brief videos, spotlighting new research published by our faculty and students on everything from relationships to knee implants. The most popular video, ‘Scuba-diving’ lizard can stay underwater for 16 minutes” has over 16,500 views on YouTube.

In addition to a “From the Classroom to the Real World: High Impact” video, we produced three videos in the “Binginspired” series to highlight passionate pursuits across campus; these include “Beatboxing,” “Ballroom Dance” and “Math.”

We were also recognized by the SUNY Council for University Advancement (SUNYCUAD) during its annual education conference. The office won two Judges Citation awards: Excellence in Digital Marketing (Social Media) for the “Back 2 Bing: Beyond the Brain” video, and Excellence in Photography Photo Series for “The Best of Binghamton” photo series.

Binghamton in the news

Media and Public Relations hosted a workshop for faculty interested in publicizing their research and learning more about writing opportunities offered through The Conversation, a non-profit news organization that publishes research-based news analysis and commentary. As a result of this workshop, several of our faculty have been or will be published in The Conversation.

The work of our faculty continues to draw the attention of news outlets from across the globe. Laura Johnson, Yulia Bosworth, Jonathan Jones, Ahyeon Koh, Jennifer Wegmann and many others were featured in a wide variety of national news outlets, ranging from Yahoo! Lifestyle to Forbes, reaching an audience of millions.

Laura Johnson, PhD student, was featured in Daily Mail Online, MSN, Yahoo! Lifestyle, CBS Boston and several other publications for her research that found that male superheroes are often obese while females’ trend toward the low end of normal weight. Total circulation: Over 163.41 million

Yulia Bosworth, assistant professor of French linguistics, was featured in the Huffington Post Canada, MSN, National Post Canada and various other publications for her analysis of over 50 online news articles discussing Justin Trudeau’s linguistic abilities, which found that Trudeau speaks French well despite unfair criticism from Quebecan media elites. Total circulation: Over 125 million.

Guy German, associate professor of biomedical engineering, was featured in Business Standard, Yahoo! Lifestyle and other publications for developing a device that could help minimize scarring after cosmetic surgery. Total circulation: Over 102.4 million.

Jennifer Wegmann, health and wellness studies lecturer, was featured in Slate, Ouest-France, La Tribune, The Hour, CTPost, Greenwich Time, WTOP, Connecticut Post, and various other publications for her article in The Conversation in which she discussed how students can take stress and use it to their advantage, especially during finals week and major life transitions. Total circulation: Over 25.54 million.

Jonathan S. Jones, PhD candidate in history, was featured in Undark, San Francisco Chronicle and other publications for his article in The Conversation in which he discussed the Purdue Pharma case and how it reflects a history of pharmaceutical fraud during the Gilded Age in the United States. Total circulation: Over 19.73 million.

Julia Walker, assistant professor of art history, was featured in, and other publications for her article in The Conversation in which she discussed how the famous book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, inspired the cathedral’s 19th-century architectural renovation. Total circulation: Over 19 million.

Lina Begdache, assistant professor of health and wellness studies, was featured in Consumer Affairs and other publications for her research that found that just one poor decision, like heavy alcohol drinking or substance abuse, can cause students to get stuck in a cycle of negative behavior patterns. Total circulation: Over 6.7 million.

Ahyeon Koh, assistant professor of biomedical engineering; Matthew Brown, PhD candidate; and their research team were featured in Research & Development, ScienceDaily and other publications for their development of a skin-inspired, electromechanical sensor that can aid in wound healing by monitoring skin lactate and oxygen levels. Total circulation: Over 6.1 million.

David Campbell, associate professor of public administration, was featured in Salon, Channel News Asia, San Francisco Chronicle and other publications for his article in The Conversation in which he highlighted the increasingly dominant way of thinking about philanthropy that emphasizes the impacts that givers expect from their donations. Total circulation: Over 2.6 million.

Kristina Lambright, associate professor of public administration, wrote an article for The Conversation about three ways to make your voice heard rather than protesting. Total circulation: Over 2.6 million.

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