Dean of Students Office fall 2019

University Fest

This year’s University Fest was the biggest yet. In its 26th year, UFest brought together over 250 student organizations, 40 local vendors and 30 departments to celebrate the beginning of the academic year. The event encourages student engagement through involvement with student organizations and the opportunities within the local community.

Summer Send-offs

During July and August, Parent and Family Programs organized and attended nine Summer Send-offs hosted by current Binghamton families and/or alumni to welcome our newest Bearcats and their families to the University. Over 300 new students and families registered for events held throughout New York and New Jersey, including Long Island, Westchester County, Rochester, Buffalo, Broome County, and Bergen County. This year’s Summer Send-offs were well received by incoming students and families as an opportunity to connect with other students and families from their hometowns, receive last-minute information before Move-in Day and help ease anxiety for both students and families while building a support system. According to a parent who attended one of the send-offs: “The event was a great opportunity to bring local freshmen together and start creating new bonds. I think it helped ease the stress of the unknown and let them know they are not alone. I appreciated the alumni, who so thoughtfully opened their home to welcome the new class. It’s a testament to their ongoing support for the University. I hope that my son ... will feel the same for the place that will play a critical role in his development and preparing him for the next phase of his life.”

University Union rebranding

The University Union is undergoing a significant rebranding initiative in tandem with the current basement renovation. This past summer, the University Union was been rebranded and renamed: The Union. This collaborative effort with Communications and Marketing will better brand the hub of activity on campus. Branding initiatives include extensive interior modifications, publications, staff attire and future plans for exterior modifications. In addition to The Union, the importance of enhancing the branding efforts for the new basement renovation project was recognized. When the space reopens with more see-and-be-seen spaces, enhanced gaming areas and significant increases in seating, the former basement space will be known as The Undergrounds. This important rebranding initiative will help bridge community with the renovated space.

Mamava Pods

The Union will be installing a Mamava Pod lactation suite on its second floor west side within the next few weeks. This Mamava Pod — the first to be installed at any SUNY campus — will be a more accessible, visible and welcoming space for breastfeeding mothers to utilize, replacing the old mother’s room in a small corner space in the basement of the Union. The pod is a sign of support and celebration for any breastfeeding mother who comes to Binghamton University.

Town Gown Advisory Board (TGAB) approved proposals

The Town Gown Advisory Board (TGAB) approved the following proposals:

  • North of Main (NoMa) Staffing project ($25K) submitted by the TGAB Promoting and Cultivating Positive Community Engagement subcommittee. The project aims to boost neighborhood development efforts in the North of Main (NoMa) neighborhood in the city of Binghamton by building capacity in the community. The need to increase resident participation and ownership of community programming in this specific area will create additional volunteer and service-learning opportunities for Binghamton University faculty, staff and students within NoMa.
  • IACLEA Safety Consultant ($30K). This study proposed by the TGAB Safety subcommittee will review the town and gown relationship between Binghamton University and the city of Binghamton to provide recommendations to University and city leadership to make informed decisions on current and future initiatives. The study will include a review of current programs, present and future off-campus security issues, staffing assignments and scheduling, and major event management.
  • ID Scanners for Bars ($19.5K). This proposal by the Dangerous Drinking/Underage Drinking subcommittee is an environmental effort to deter underage drinking. The main purpose of this project is to establish the feasibility of this approach relative to existing methods. Data will be collected through focus groups and a brief survey to determine the attitudes/beliefs of bar owners/staff, along with identification of barriers and facilitators to the implementation of ID scanners. The proposed study will also assess three different scanners to determine if one is more effective than others.
  • Bus Stop Improvement Program ($65.6K). This proposal by the Transportation and Parking subcommittee for a Shared Bus Stop Improvement Program was partially funded to provide bus shelters at four shared Broome County Transit (BC Transit) and Off-Campus College Transport (OCCT) bus stops in the city of Binghamton. The proposal includes funding for the shelters, as well as the site work necessary to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Site improvements will include concrete pads for the shelters, seating, shelter lighting and the installation of bike racks adjacent to the bus stops.

For this academic year, the TGAB will meet on the following dates: Oct. 24, Feb. 26, and May 6.

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