September 18, 2021


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Campus announces winners of Chancellor’s, University, Provost’s and Council/Foundation awards

Image Credit: Jonathan Cohen.

More than two dozen Binghamton University faculty and staff have been recognized with Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence, University Awards for Excellence, Provost’s Awards and the Binghamton University Council/Foundation Award.

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are SUNY system-level honors that recognize individuals for consistently outstanding achievement in classified service, faculty service, librarianship, professional service, scholarship and creative activities, and teaching.

Binghamton University also recognizes exceptional work with a number of University and Provost’s Awards, as well as the Binghamton Council/Foundation Award.

“Individuals who are chosen to receive these awards for excellence are people we always count on to be outstanding in the classroom, in our research labs and serving the needs of our students and colleagues,” said President Harvey Stenger. “Whether it’s during a pandemic or during what we would consider a normal year, they continue to set a high bar and provide the foundation for Binghamton University as we continually strive to be a premier public university.”

“It’s gratifying to be able to recognize so many outstanding faculty and staff,” said Donald Nieman, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost. “I thank them for their dedication to doing exceptional work and for serving as role models for us all.”

This year’s recipients will be honored at a dinner scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 4. A separate dinner will be held for the 2020 recipients, who were not able to be feted last fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s recipients are:

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching

  • Rory Eckardt, Management
  • Omid Ghaemmaghami, Classical and Near Eastern Studies
  • Steven Moore, Computer Science
  • Joshua Reno, Anthropology
  • Jennifer Wegmann, Health and Wellness Studies

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Faculty Service

  • Ping Yang, Computer Science

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

  • Daniel Thomas Davis, Music
  • Sha Jin, Biomedical Engineering
  • Mohammad Khasawneh, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship

  • Neyda Gilman, Libraries

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Professional Service

  • Debbie Collett-O’Brien, CCPA Dean’s Office
  • Sheila Doyle, Binghamton University Foundation
  • Katharine (Katie) Ellis, Communications and Marketing
  • Andrea MacArgel, Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Robert Mess, Watson College IT
  • Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz, Physical Facilities

Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Classified Service

  • Joseph May, Physical Facilities
  • Birgit Nicolaisen, University Tutorial Services
  • Diane Schmidt, School of Management

University Award for Excellence in International Education

  • Peter Partell, Watson Dean’s Office

Provost’s Awards

Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

  • Gladys Jiménez-Muñoz, Sociology

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Director

  • David Jenkins, Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies
  • Kathleen Sterling, Anthropology

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Community-Engaged Teaching

  • David Campbell, Public Administration

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Community-Engaged Scholarship

  • Jessica Hua, Biological Sciences

Binghamton University Council/Foundation Awards

  • David Hubeny, Emergency Management
  • Leo Wilton, Human Development

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