July 13, 2024
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Alumni webinars inform, engage

The Binghamton Learning Network, a project of the Alumni Association’s Lifelong Learning Committee, offered webinars recently aimed at helping people in their professional, financial, physical and emotional development.

The one-hour sessions featured alumni speakers who are experts in their given area, and allotted time for audience members to submit questions and have them answered.

Recent topics and speakers were:

  • How Financial Wellness Plays a Role in Your Overall Health — Financial planner Greg Ronneburger ’97, MBA ’99, discussed how a person’s financial situation impacts all areas life and provided strategies to place physical, mental and financial aspects of life in proper balance.
  • The Basics of Estate Planning — Attorney Marc Bekerman ’89 gave an overview of legal aspects of planning for both death and disability, including considerations in formulating an estate plan and the documents commonly used to implement such a plan.
  • Take Control of Your Time — Consultant Andy Willner ’92 exploded the myth of multitasking and offered more effective alternatives to deal with an overloaded work calendar and manage a hectic personal life.
  • Treating Obesity: Focus on Eating Behaviors — Jill R. Silverman ’97, a dietitian nutritionist, shared strategies to help with food cravings and addictions, without denying ourselves foods we love.

Webinars are available for viewing on the Binghamton Learning Network website.

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