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Lisa Abbott scholarship supports MBA students

Lisa Abbott scholarship supports MBA students

Image Credit: Jonathan Cohen.

​When Lisa Abbott, MBA ’93, was a graduate student in the School of Management, she worked, but says her experience didn’t mirror that of the people she saw around her in the classroom. She was a resident director in Newing College’s Endicott Hall while many of her classmates had “real” jobs.

“I don’t know how they did it. I could never work during the day and take classes at night,” she says.

Recalling the experience and wanting to help someone working her way through grad school, she established the Lisa M. Abbott Professional MBA Women’s Leadership Scholarship. This will benefit a student in the Manhattanbased program who demonstrates leadership qualities in class and in the outside world.

“I wanted my giving to be more purposeful and directive in its approach,” says Abbott, senior vice president of human resources at Lifespan in Providence, R.I. “What these students are doing is very hard, and I admire them for that. I wanted to support someone trying to make ends meet.”

Alexandra Bendernagel, an asset manager of commercial real estate loans for Capital One, is the first recipient. She says the support brings her a step closer to achieving her dream of overseeing her own team as well as someday purchasing and managing a multifamily property.

“There are a lot of incredibly talented and wonderful students here at Binghamton, especially in my program. To have been chosen from such a distinguished pool of people is an honor,” Bendernagel says.

“Money makes or breaks someone’s ability to get an education,” Abbott says. “I’m very excited to be able to help. I know what it’s like to face obstacles and have someone cut you a break when you need it.”

Abbott is a member of the Alumni Association board of directors who also mentors and advises students. She’s proud of programs that successfully engage alumni in the life of the University, particularly the Alumni Global Day of Service.

“I’m connected with the University because I’ve had a lot of success in my life and felt it was important to give back,” she says. “Binghamton University is truly making a difference, and I wanted to be part of that.”

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