March 21, 2023
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Class Note Up Close: Di Stefanos

Dante Di Stefano ’01, MA ’04, MAT ’06, PhD ’15 Dante Di Stefano ’01, MA ’04, MAT ’06, PhD ’15
Dante Di Stefano ’01, MA ’04, MAT ’06, PhD ’15

Turns out there are six Di Stefanos with 11 Binghamton degrees among them. Besides Dante, there is:

  • mother Donna Di Stefano ’01, MA ’05, both degrees in human development
  • late father Dominic Di Stefano Jr. ’79, MA ’85, both in accounting
  • brother Daeman Di Stefano ’01, philosophy
  • sister-in-law Billie (Seisser) Di Stefano ’02, English
  • wife Christina (Rizzo) Di Stefano, MAT ’11, English adolescent education

“My father started to go to Binghamton University after he got married as a way to advance his career at the post office. He worked the night shift on the letter-sorting machine and went to school during the day. My mother waited until we were teenagers to go back to school,” says Dante, who was familiar with campus at a young age.

“Being in the library and at the fountain near the Library Tower are some of my earliest memories. I also remember seeing the bust of Dante Alighieri in the library and having my parents explain that this was the poet I was named for.”

Dante, Daeman and Donna earned undergraduate degrees in the same year.

“My brother and I took many classes together, and we worked for physical facilities in the summer, painting rooms. We had a great time and we got to know the campus from every vantage point — from the boiler rooms and rooftops to the lecture and dining halls.”

Donna is a senior academic advisor in admissions. Dante teaches high school English and is a Binghamton adjunct.

“Over the years I have so many great memories from Binghamton,” he says. “The thing I’m most grateful for is that I met my wife here. We are expecting our first child in January, and we hope the baby might grow up to be a Bearcat.”

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