Town Gown Advisory Board

The Town Gown Advisory Board was established to promote positive relations between Binghamton University and the residents of the related cities and neighborhoods that are impacted by the presence of students. The board is comprised of University administrators, faculty, undergraduate and graduate student leaders, representatives of neighborhood associations, city government officials, community based organizations, city council members, community members and more.

In addition to three large board-wide meetings every year, the TGAB breaks up into different subcommittees throughout the school year to come up with strategies and proposals which could help improve the off campus community in a variety of ways. The subcommittees are the:

  • Sub-Committee for Promoting and Cultivating Positive Community Engagement
  • Sub-Committee for Student Housing
  • Sub-Committee for Transportation and Parking
  • Sub-Committee for Dangerous Drinking/Underage Drinking
  • Sub-Committee for Safety

 Town Gown Advisory Board meetings are always open to the public. Binghamton University is committed to collaboration and transparency as it pertains to the continued success of the Town Gown Advisory Board.