Academic Requirements

Program requirements

If you earn 30 transferable credits (or more) your first year at SUNY Broome with a minimum of 18 credits in the core academic curriculum (General Education) and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, you are guaranteed matriculation into Binghamton after one year in BAP.


If you earn 60 transerable credits (or more) and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher with a minimum of 30 credits in the core curriculum (General Education),  you are guaranteed matriculation into Binghamton after two years in BAP.

Note: Transferable credits refer to courses in which a grade of a "C-" or better was earned. 

Academic requirements

  • BAP students must maintain continuous, full-time enrollment (minimum 12 credits per semester) to remain in the program. Any exceptions to this policy would be at the discretion of the BAP Committee.
  • BAP students are strongly encouraged to register for as many on-campus courses versus online courses when creating their schedules as possible. 
  • BAP students must achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be in good standing with the program. If a student achieves less than a 3.0 cumulative GPA, they will be placed on academic warning with BAP. The student will be required to meet with BAP staff, academic advising and Success Coaching staff, all of whom will provide academic support, mentoring and guidance in assisting them in achieving the minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA required to transfer into Binghamton University. Students with a cumulative GPA less than a 2.0 will be administratively withdrawn from BAP upon completion of the academic year.
  • BAP students cannot register (or receive credit) for any courses offered at Binghamton University until they have met all BAP requirements at SUNY Broome for transfer to Binghamton. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • BAP students will not be able to matriculate if financial balances exist at Binghamton University and/or SUNY Broome
  • BAP students are expected to adhere to the Binghamton Advantage Program Participant Learning Agreement that supports their academic goals.

Advanced placement (AP) credit

To receive proper credit for any AP courses taken, you must have your AP scores sent to Binghamton University. If you did not send your scores using the AP Answer Sheet, you may order score reports online, or by mail or fax. Please make sure that you follow the instructions based off how you're requesting your scores to be sent. Note: Binghamton University's school code is 2535. Test scores  may receive credit based on the policy established by the State University of New York. You should also bring your student copy with you to Orientation. Learn more >

IB credit/general education courses

Students may earn credit by examination for coursework completed in high school under the International Baccalaureate Program. Credit is awarded only for higher-level exams, with exam scores of 4 or 5 receiving four credits and exam scores of 6 or 7 receiving 8 credits. You can view the exams and credit given by clicking here. 

Binghamton requires an official IB transcript in order to evaluate credit. Official scores may be delivered electronically through the International Baccalaureate website. International Baccalaureate courses and grades listed on a high school transcript are not acceptable for evaluation.

Students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program may receive up to 32 credits. To receive the full 32 credits, the following conditions must be met:

  • The IB diploma must be completed with a score of 30 or more points; and
  • The student must complete at least three higher-level exams with a score of 5 or higher.

Diploma holders who meet these conditions receive credit for their individual exam scores plus additional liberal arts elective credit to total 32 credits.

If SUNY Broome accepts General Education credits from your previous high school, you would not have to repeat those fulfilled General Education requirements. The program simply requires that you earn 30 credits your first year at SUNY Broome with at least 18 of those General Education credits, or at the completion of the second year, an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree with a minimum of 30 General Education credits and a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

SUNY General Education requirements can be satisfied by completing higher-level exams in five of the 10 areas of competency. In addition, a score of 4-7 on either the higher level or standard level exams satisfies the General Education requirement for foreign language. 

Academic advising

BAP students are assigned to an advisor in SUNY Broome’s Academic Advising Office. Appointments are made utilizing Starfish found within your MyCollege website. 

BAP students will have an opportunity to register  for up to three courses prior to Orientation.

At Orientation, you'll receive comprehensive advising in making your course schedules. You'll also receive academic advising to assist with identifying and developing academic goals, ensuring a successful completion and transfer of SUNY Broome coursework and a smooth transition to Binghamton University to attain a bachelor's degree.
For more information, visit SUNY Broome Academic Advising.

SUNY Broome academic standing

Satisfactory Academic Progress toward a degree is determined at the end of both fall and spring semester when academic standing is reviewed. Failure to meet the standards for academic progress at the end of the semester may result in the student being placed on academic probation. Students who do not meet the standard for academic progress in a subsequent semester may be academically dismissed from SUNY Broome, which means simultaneous removal from BAP.

Academic support services

Students obtain tutoring at Broome, where courses are being taken.

BAP students can access academic support services through the Learning Assistance Department, which includes the Tutoring Center, Math Lab and the Writing Center.

At Binghamton, take advantage of the Success Coaching program which provides academic success and support services such as organizational coaching, study and time management skills.

Intra-University Transfers (IUT) 

Students are able to transfer from BAP via the Intra-University Transfers (IUT)  process. If a student is in the Harpur track and wants to transfer into CCPA, or vice versa, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

There is no direct track to transfer into the School of Management (SOM), Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Watson College of Engineering or the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SoPPS). We have had BAP students on occasion work with these schools directly and apply as a regular transfer student from SUNY Broome to Binghamton, outside of the BAP program.  If they are not admitted, they lose their guaranteed admission to Binghamton through BAP. More commonly, students stay in the BAP program and apply for an IUT after they begin their fall semester as a Binghamton University student. The IUT process is initiated through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Binghamton.