Pre-orientation course registration

Pre-Orientation course registration

It’s time to start preparing to register for courses for the fall 2023 semester at SUNY Broome Community College. Your Orientation checklist and this email include all the information you need as you complete this process.

Note: You must register for classes prior to summer Orientation. At Orientation, we will confirm course selections and make any adjustments that are needed. You will be able to register for a “Pre-Orientation virtual check-in” via your Orientation checklist to speak with our BAP academic advisors. Begin your registration process prior to this appointment.

One of the advantages of the BAP program is that you can complete many of your General Education and prerequisite courses at SUNY Broome and seamlessly transfer them into your major at Binghamton. All BAP students major in Liberal Arts in Individual Studies (LA-ISAS) at SUNY Broome because it allows you to take General Education courses and prerequisite requirements for your desired major at Binghamton.

Start the registration process ASAP! 
Registration Process

STEP 1: Review Binghamton’s majors and BAP general education chart

Review Binghamton’s undergraduate academic programs. If you do not see your intended major (or simply haven't decided yet), register as an “Undeclared” major.

To view how your credits at SUNY Broome will transfer to Binghamton, go to the BAP General Education Chart in the portal under “BAP General Education Information.” The chart outlines courses that will transfer to Binghamton and will fulfill the 18 General Education credits needed to satisfy your BAP requirements.

STEP 2: Review course recommendations for desired Binghamton major

Some majors have very specific requirements for the first and second semesters. If you see the note “must take in first semester” next to the course description, it is imperative that you enroll in those specific courses to stay on track.

If a course is not available that is listed under your major, refer to the General Education chart and select a course in an area that you want to take in your first semester. Regardless of major, every category on the chart must be fulfilled either at SUNY Broome or Binghamton University. All courses listed in the chart will transfer to Binghamton.

Note: If you do not see a major that you are interested in (or simply haven't decided yet), use the “undecided” major course recommendations.

STEP 3: Watch Schedule Planner videoYou will use “Schedule Planner” to register for fall 2023 and spring 2024 courses at SUNY Broome. Watch this video prior to registering for  courses.

STEP 4: Register for classes

  • In order to register, you will need the following PIN: 13902
  • Make sure you are using your SUNY Broome B# when looking up your username/password. Forgot? Find your username/password online.
  • IMPORTANT: You must register for in-person classes only. BAP students are not eligible to take online classes.

STEP 5: Register for Orientation

Students and families are encouraged to attend the Orientation 2023 Experience, which takes place at the end of June and throughout the month of July. Register for any date that indicates “Binghamton Advantage Program.” Students and families will learn more about both institutions, academic advising, transportation, housing and much more. 

Note: All Binghamton and SUNY Broome BAP students are charged the New Student Fee of $225. Due to different administrative systems, Binghamton students are charged as part of their fall billing process, while BAP participants (as official students of SUNY Broome) are charged when they register for Orientation.

Questions? Email Binghamton Advantage.