Living on Campus

Housing sign-up process

For complete details on the housing sign-up process, visit the first-year student housing webpage.

Meal plan

BAP students will be automatically enrolled in Meal Plan "Eā€ at Binghamton University. Students can, however, change their meal plan anytime during the first two weeks of Binghamton University's semester by going to or by contacting Dining Services. Note: This meal plan will only work at Binghamton University. 

Due to the nature of course schedules, some students choose to eat additional meals at SUNY Broome. Broome offers several dining options for BAP students to choose from. The most popular is the Flex Dollar option. Note: The meal plan purchased at Binghamton University will not work at SUNY Broome

During Binghamton University breaks, food service, although scaled back in offerings and hours of operation, remains in service to meet the needs of BAP, international students and athletes who typically remain on campus during breaks. 

Computer labs

While living on campus at Binghamton, you will have access to computer labs, commonly referred to as PODS. During breaks from classes or when you are on campus at SUNY Broome, you will have access to computer labs located throughout that campus as well. The campus computer usage includes a print quota each semester.

Go wireless

Binghamton University provides wired and wireless Internet access to students, faculty, and staff. Detailed instructions for various operating systems and devices are available on the Information Technology Services web page.

The ITS Help Desk and ResCons (student computer consultants)  are available to help students connect to the Internet on campus. 

The Help Desk is located on the first floor lobby of the Technology Hub. Check their website for weekday operating hours.

When you are at SUNY Broome, you will have access to the "internet only" network that allows you to connect via your personal portable devices. More information about the Wi-Fi service can be found by clicking here

Residence hall safety

  • All residence hall doors are locked on a 24-hour basis, requiring key-card access
  • All Residential Communities have cameras covering main entry and exit points of buildings, with additional cameras in many of our corridors and common areas.
  • From midnight until 5 a.m., all gates except the main entrance to campus are closed to vehicular traffic. Vehicles admitted to campus during this time must be registered and permitted to park on campus or the occupants of the vehicle must be hosted by a member of the University community

New York State University Police

  • For emergencies, call 911 from a campus phone or 607-777-2222 from a cell or off-campus phone
  • Color it blue āˆ’ In case of an emergency, just look for the blue lights throughout campus. These highly-visible phones will put you in touch with the University Police immediately
  • For more information, visit the University Police website.