Transportation and Parking

Public transit

Public transit is a safe, reliable way to commute between campuses or get around the Binghamton area. The cost of public transportation is included in the BAP program fee.   

BAP students do not need a car to travel between Binghamton and Broome. Students can ride the Broome County Transit buses at no charge by using their Binghamton ID card. For the most direct service between campuses, take BC Transit Route #9 that runs hourly from 7:25 a.m.- 5:55p.m. For complete details about this bus transportation option, including route maps and schedules, visit Broome County Transit

Note: BC Transit will continue to provide service between the two campuses as scheduled and is working with Broome County to meet guidelines for safe transport. Should major changes in course scheduling occur, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) will work with BAP and SUNY Broome to adjust buses accordingly.

BAP students can also use, at no charge, Off Campus College Transport (OCCT), a Binghamton University student-operated service. OCCT offers a campus shuttle (green buses) that continuously loops the main Binghamton campus, stopping at multiple locations from 7 a.m.- 12:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and a blue bus on weekends. OCCT also offers convenient transportation around the Binghamton area (blue buses). For more information, visit the OCCT website.

Both Broome County Transit and OCCT have GPS tracking devices linked to applications that display where the buses are at all times. Students can download the free ETA SPOT application to their phones for OCCT buses. For Broome County Transit service, students can download the free DoubleMap bus tracking application.

Parking at Binghamton University

First-year BAP students are eligible to purchase a parking permit, a privilege that first-year students at Binghamton University do not have. BAP students can purchase a parking permit at an established rate for the academic year. BAP students are ONLY permitted to park in lots G1 or ZZ. Failure to comply with parking permit rules will result in revocation of parking privileges. The campus shuttle circulates to and from these parking lots and residence halls. Email to apply for a parking permit. Parking information and a campus parking map is found on the Transportation and Parking Services website.

Parking at SUNY Broome

BAP students are allowed to park at the SUNY Broome campus for free (the cost is included in the BAP fee). Students need to register their vehicles with Parking Services.

Other Transportation services

Escape Bus

BAP students are able to purchase tickets to use the Escape bus, a student-run bus charter company that serves New York City, Long Island and Westchester areas. This service provides inexpensive transportation to students going home on breaks.


If you have any questions about University transportation, contact Binghamton University Transportation and Parking Services at or call 607-777-2000.