BAP Welcome Week

The Binghamton Advantage Program is excited to present the schedule of events for the BAP Welcome Week! These events are designed to better prepare our students to start classes at SUNY Broome on August, Monday 28, 2023. 

All first-year BAP students are expected to attend. All second year students are more than welcome to partake in any and all activities and events. 

Schedule of Events (as of 8/11/23)

Tuesday, August 22nd:

8:30am--Check-in Starts in Watters Theatre (Fine Arts Building)

9:00am--BAP Kick-Off 
              * Welcome from Assistant Director
              * Program Updates and Important Information
              * Q & A  
              * Friendworking Presentation by Jordan Smith 

11:15--Lunch in Dining Halls 

1:00pm (Optional): On-Campus Part-Time Jobs Fair, Mandela Room, University Union

Wednesday, August 23rd:

BAP Students over to SUNY Broome done in 3 waves

Pick-Up Time at Union Bus Last Names 
8:30am-Meet in UU 111 1A Abdelwahab - Cuevas
8:30am-Meet in UU 111 1B D'Avilar-Gouda
9:00am-Meet in UU 111 2A Greeley-Klarman
9:00am-Meet in UU 111 2B Knapik-O'Brien
9:30amMeet in UU 111 3A Oommen-Samaroo
9:30amMeet in UU 111 3B Schermerhorn-Zheng

While at Broome:

  • Get SUNY Broome ID card if not already in possession
  • Find classrooms of Fall 2023 Classes
  • Go to Bookstore/Financial Aid/Student Accounts/Advising 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
Pick up at Broome Bus Last Names
11:30am--Meet at Bus Stop 1A Abdelwahab - Cuevas
11:30am--Meet at Bus Stop


12:00pm--Meet at Bus Stop 2A Greeley-Klarman
12:00pm--Meet at Bus Stop 2B Knapik-O'Brien
12:30pm--Meet at Bus Stop 3A Oommen-Samaroo
12:30pm--Meet at Bus Stop 3B Schermerhorn-Zheng

Thursday, August 24th:

8:30am--Optional Breakfast in C4 (meet in lounge area near stairs to go down to dining hall)

10:00am--Choose an activity (or activities) from the choices below

Campus Recreation Activities

(Badminton, Basketball, Open Swim)

East Gym 

*Sneakers are needed for
basketball & badminton

*For swim, must bring own towel and bathing suit

Arts/Crafts with Ruby (BAP GA) C4 Multipurpose Room  
Center for Civic Engagement--Community Service Opportunities C4 Multipurpose Room  

12:00pm--Lunch in Dining Halls or Marketplace 

1:00pm--Chemistry Bootcamp, C4 Multipurpose Room 

Friday, August 25th:

10:30am-12:00pm--Student Services Fair, Old Union Hall

12:30pm--Optional Lunch in Appalachian Dining Hall (meet in lobby by stairs)