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WELCOME, DDP Students and Alumni!

Whether you've just arrived on campus or you've graduated for years, you are welcome to join the DDP Group on LinkedIn, where you can socialize, network, share news, and get involved with fellow alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends. Once you're a DDP student, you're always connected, and it starts here.

When and how do I receive my diploma and transcript?

Each DDP graduate will receive ONE diploma and ONE copy of official transcript. Both the diploma and transcript are usually printed 6-8 weeks after the end of the semester and then sent to the DDP Office. If you are still in the Greater Binghamton area and wish to pick up both documents in person, you may contact the DDP Office at You also have other options:

1)  If you are not in Binghamton, but STILL in the U.S., we can mail the diploma and transcript to your U.S. address via regular mail.

2)  Or we can mail your diploma and transcript back to your home university in TURKEY via UPS. You may later contact the coordinator (METU: Ozge Gokten at, ITU: Eylem Demirci at, and Bilkent: Doga Erkasar at and schedule a pick up.

3)  If you would like us to mail the diploma via UPS to your personal address, you will have to pay for the postage and follow the instructions here:

How do I apply for extra copies of diploma and transcript?

Please follow the instructions here: (diploma) (transcript)



Last Updated: 5/10/17