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Housing information

All Dual-Diploma students may choose to live on campus or off campus.

Living On Campus:

Binghamton University's Residential Life Office makes all the necessary arrangements with the Dual-Diploma Programs office to make sure that all Dual-Diploma students housed based on their housing requests and availabilities in the residential communities.

Detailed information about Binghamton University's dorms, housing assignments, and housing policies will be included in our Fall and Spring orientation sessions in Turkey.

If students want to live on campus, they have to complete the online housing assignment form and send their request to the Residential Life Office before the deadline. Deadline for housing assignment process changes every year and the updated deadline will be provided during the pre-departure orientation session in Turkey in Spring semester.

Important Links:

University Housing License 2017-2018: This license obligates students to remain in on-campus housing for the entire academic year. Students living in University housing agree to abide by the stated regulations.

Housing Rates (Subject to change)

Options and Styles of Each Dormitory Community

Living Off Campus:

Before signing a written lease, READ IT CAREFULLY!!

Rate Your Landlord:

Several options for looking for off-campus housing are as follows:
  1. OCC Housemate / Subletter List
  2. Off-Campus Housing in Binghamton (FACEBOOK page)
  3. Nate Rentals (Pipe Dream:


  1. If you live off campus and decide not to drive, you may take either the school bus (OCCT) or city bus (BC Transit) to school or to go shopping. Both are free with your BU student I.D. Please click here for OCCT bus schedules and stops and click here for BC Transit schedules and stops.
  2. If you don't plan to drive, before choosing where to live, remember to ask the landlord whether the property is on bus line or not. If it's on bus line, find out how long it takes to walk from the house to the nearest bus stop, and how long it takes to get to Binghamton University. During the Winter, walking in cold for 10 minutes might feel like forever!
  3. Heat can be expensive; therefore, when you look for housing, try to find one that includes heat in the utility. 
  4. If the house is furnished, it means the landlord will provide furniture.
  5. Read Tips on Finding an Apartment (provided by the SUNY Broome). Very useful tips! You will find lots of information on where to buy household items, how to get internet, phone services, and so on.

For more information on off campus living, please visit the Off Campus College website!

Dining information

Click here for dining options on campus, including locations of residential dining halls, campus eateries, and rates of different meal plans. 

*Click here to learn how to change your Resident Meal Plan.

Downtown Binghamton

The listing below is provided and maintained as a service for your convenience. University employees do not inspect, approve or supervise the premises described, and the university does not become party to private tenant/landlord matters.

Near Main Campus--

Near Downtown Campus--


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