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SOOT Forms:

(For a copy of these instructions in Adobe (.pdf) format, click here.) 

To request on-line SOOT survey or paper SOOT survey forms log into:
Once there, follow these simple steps:

1) Click on the "Academic Services" tab.
2) Click on "SOOT Surveys" heading.
3) Choose paper or on-line from the pull-down list for each course you want surveyed and click Save.


For online surveys:
Once you have completed these steps the survey will become available for the students enrolled in your course. Your students will use to respond to the SOOT survey during the surveying period only.  SOOT orders can be ordered starting June 1, 2019 (no extensions can be granted):

Term 1: May 28 - June 28th (Results available July 15, 2019)

Term 2: July 8 - August 9th (Results availalbe August 12, 2019)

SOOTs can be given up to 3 weeks before the term ends and up to the last day of classes.
For Example, you may distribute SOOTS for Session 1 June 7 to June 28, 2019
For Summer Session 2, you may distribute SOOTS July 19 to August 9, 2018.

If there are any other persons that you have enrolled in your myCourses course and given the role of "Instructor", they will also have the opportunity to request a SOOT survey for their own assessment. To maximize the number of responses, you will want to give your students several reminders. Inform your students that the survey is anonymous and that faculty members only see the aggregated results after they have submitted final course grades.

Results: Please see above schedule. You will need to go into to access and print your SOOT results.  


For paper survey forms:

Once you have requested your forms, please print the confirmation and instruction sheet for use when administering the SOOT. Your forms will be delivered via campus mail within 3-4 working days. Please remember this required processing time when ordering. Be sure students only use #2 pencils to avoid rejection of your surveys during the scanning process.  Also, please place completed surveys in the envelope they came in, facing all the same way and with its unique assigned SOOT # FILLED IN on each bubble sheet.

Completed surveys must be returned to the Computing Services Help Desk within 24 hours. 


Results will become available after the above dates.  You will need to go into to access and print your SOOT results.  Hard copies of SOOT results are not sent. 

If you have questions about using paper SOOT forms, call the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (777-2365)

More info:  Contact Amy Klenovic or visit





Last Updated: 5/21/19