BS in Nursing Degree

Students who successfully complete all the requirements for this online RN-BS program will earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in nursing. 

Major Requirements

All major requirements must be completed at Binghamton University.

Courses Credit hours
NURS Z380 — Professional Role Development: Transitions  3
HSCI Z381 — Health & Illness Across the Lifespan  3
NURS Z382 — Population Health: Promotion and Prevention  3
HSCI Z383 — Inquiry & Research in Healthcare  3
NURS Z384 — Population Health: Chronic Illness  3
NURS Z386 — Assessment Across the Lifespan  3
HSCI Z388 — Healthcare Policy & Health Disparities  3
NURS Z483 — Professional Issues in Nursing Leadership  3
NURS Z484 — Leadership and Management 3
Subtotal 27

Credit Hours Required

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required to complete the degree. Additionally, students must fulfill all bachelor of science requirements, including completion of: 

  • Binghamton University general education requirements
  • 45 upper-level credits (300-level and above)
    • Major requirements fulfill 27 upper-level credits
    • 12 additional upper-level elective credits are awarded for passing the NCLEX-RN
  • 60 total liberal arts and sciences credits
  • 27 credits in residence (taken through Binghamton University)

Sample Breakdown

  Estimated credit hours
Prerequisites (must be transferred in)  24
Lower-level nursing coursework (must be transferred in)  32
Major requirements (must be completed at Binghamton)  27
General education requirements and electives 
(may be transferred in or completed at Binghamton) 
Total 120

Flexible Curriculum Options

The RN-BS program offers flexible programming to meet student needs. Students may choose to complete the program at a full-time or part-time pace.

  • Full-time = 2 courses per 7-week session (4 courses per fall, spring or summer semester)
  • Part-time = 1 course per 7-week session (2 courses per fall, spring or summer semester)

Decker’s Division of Advising and Academic Excellence will help you determine what program plan is right for you.

Sample Curriculum Plans

To view sample curriculum plans for full-time and part-time options (with and without general education/elective coursework completed), visit our Google drive.

Questions? Ask us!

Microcredential available: Victim-Centered Forensic Health for RNs

Available only for online RN-BS students, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a microcredential in Victim-Centered Forensic Health for RNs
This two-course program will help you as you work with victims of crime, especially in emergency and psychiatric settings. Learn more at the link above.