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Items to include in Classified Service
Nomination File

1. A Binghamton University job description specific to the nominee's current position.

2. Information about the nominee's career at Binghamton University, including promotions, awards, citations, and honors.

3. Evaluative statements by supervisor(s). This could include current or previous supervisors.

4. The nominator should also furnish his/her own letter of support if the initial letter contained the name of the nominee, but did not include any comments or evidence of performance.

5. Statements by Co-Workers. The nominator should obtain statements for approximately three co-workers who can supply specific information about the nominee's performance.

6. Statements from Constituents served. The nominator may request statements from a minimum of three to five persons who have direct experience as recipients of the services of the nominee.

7. Any other specific evidence of the nominee's excellence in support services - recognition, exhibits, letters of commendation, etc.

8. As a courtesy, the appropriate Vice President will be notified of nominees in his/her division

Criteria for Selection:

The following criteria are to be used in selecting persons nominated for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service:

1. There must be positive evidence of outstanding achievement and skill in fulfilling the job description for the position held. The nominee's portfolio must include statements which describe the candidate's job responsibilities and the excellent manner in which they are carried out.

2. Any specific or unusual evidence of the candidates excellence in providing support services to the University should be demonstrated.

3. Particular emphasis should be placed on those individuals who not only meet the above criteria, but who show initiative and creativity in exceeding these standards.

The names of all nominees should be submitted to Denise Nawrocki at no later than Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

An individual submitting a nomination is expected to assist the selection committee in the preparation of the nominee's dossier. Dossiers are to be completed and submitted (preferably electronic) to Denise Nawrocki at by Friday, Dec. 07, 2018.

Last Updated: 10/17/18