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Process for Reimbursing State Salaries Through the Foundation of SUNY from Externally Sponsored Projects 

Responsible Office: Research Foundation for SUNY

Office of Sponsored Funds Administration

Policy Type: Business Affairs

Policy Number: 207

Last Date Revised: 05/10/18

This procedure is designed to provide information and assistance regarding the administration of outside sponsored funds and process to secure funds that will be used to reimburse the department or divisional unit for salaries and benefits paid to State employees from projects administered through the Research Foundation for SUNY.

Questions regarding this procedure should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Research Administration or the Director, Grants Financial Management.

When an account for an outside sponsored award is established by Sponsored Funds and it includes provisions and funds for reimbursement of State employee release time or direct employee payment through the State, the following procedures will apply:

  1. The Office of Sponsor Funds Administration issues a memorandum to the Principal Investigator and the appropriate Dean's, Chair's, and/or Vice President's office outlining the IFR funding available.
  2. The Principal Investigator is advised to contact Sponsored Funds to verify the information and to obtain information on the process for transferring funds from the sponsored project to a campus Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) account.
  3. Sponsored Funds will complete the Research Foundation for State University of New York Income Fund Reimbursable (RF IFR) form and send it to the Principal Investigator for signature.
  4. The Principal Investigator will sign the RF IFR form and forward it to his/her Department Chair and or Dean and or Vice President, for administrative signature. The signed RF IFR form is then forwarded to Sponsored Funds Administration for final approval by the Associate Vice President for Research Administration or the Director, Grants Financial Management.
  5. Reimbursement is then made by the Research Foundation to the specified IFR account

Please contact Sponsored Funds for revisions to previously processed Research Foundation IFR forms.


Last Updated: 5/10/18