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Record Retention Guidelines

Responsible Office: Records Management Office 

Policy Type: Associate Counsel

Policy Number: 206

Last Date Revised:  07/23/19

Binghamton University records must be retained, managed, archived or disposed of in accordance to the following record retention schedules. These schedules indicate the minimum length of time that a record, regardless of format, must be retained.

   •     SUNY Schedule: State University of New York Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.  This schedule includes the record categories specific to the State University of New York; other record categories of a more general nature are included in the State Schedule. When records are included in both schedules, the SUNY Schedule takes precedence.

   •     State Schedule: The General Record Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York State Government Records.  This General Schedule includes guidelines for complying with legal, fiscal, and administrative requirements for records retention.


This policy pertains to all University employees and those documents and records created or received by employees, regardless of format.


University Record Management Officer

For more information, refer to the Records Management Guidelines.


Last Updated: 10/31/19