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Responsible Office: Office of Course Building and Academic Space Management

Policy Type: Facilities and Property

Policy Number: 405

Last Date Revised: 1/23/19


Unit directors have responsibility for managing space assigned to their department. If additional space is needed and cannot be accommodated within a unit's existing space allocation, a space request form must be submitted to the respective Vice President, or to the respective Dean, in the case of academic departments. The Dean or Vice President can reallocate space within their division to accommodate the request. (All changes in space function or occupants must be reported to Physical Facilities within 14 days of the change.)
The Space Management Council (SMC), which is comprised of the five Vice Presidents, the Senior Vice Provost of Strategic and Fiscal Planning, the Director of Athletics, and the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, reserves the right to reallocate space, as needed, to align with University priorities. When the University relocates all or a portion of a unit into new space, the space vacated by the unit becomes part of the University's pool for reassignment.

The SMC reserves the right to allocate space for a specific time period. Such space is considered part of the University's pool of space, not the division's space allocation. If the unit occupying the space desires to extend the allocation, the space request process must be followed.

The vehicle for requesting space is the Space Request Form. Forms are available for two distinct space requests: Academic (instructional/research/organized research centers/administrative units reporting to the Provost) and Non-Academic (administrative). An analysis of all existing assigned space must also be provided by the requesting unit detailing room function, room occupant(s), occupant type (FT, PT, perm, temporary) and precise, daily utilization factors.

  • Academic and Research Space Requests - The department Chair/Director or principal investigator completes a Space Request form (, provides analysis of existing space use, obtains necessary signatures, and forwards to their Dean or AVP, as appropriate. If space is available from within the Dean's or AVP's space allocation, space assignments can be made at the discretion of the Dean or AVP. If space is not available and the Dean or AVP supports the request for space, the Dean or  AVP, or representative thereof, in conjunction with the Director of the Office of Course Building and Academic Space Management develop a space proposal that is forwarded by the Dean or AVP to the Provost for consideration by the SMC.

  • Non-Academic Space Requests – The Director shall complete the analysis of existing space utilization and the Space Request form (, obtain the necessary signatures and forward to their AVP as appropriate. The AVP shall review the request and if approved, forward the request to the Physical Facilities Director of Design. If the request is determined to be in accordance with University mission, Physical Facilities will confirm the analysis of space need and develop a recommendation which will be forwarded to the SMC for a decision.

SMC decisions will be relayed to the affected department by the appropriate VP or designee. Once space recommendations are approved, the Director, Dean or designee is responsible for submitting a service request for any work needed by Physical Facilities. Approval of space changes does not constitute an approval of funding for any work that must be accomplished. Funding must be obtained separately.

Space use changes within space currently assigned to a department may be made by the controlling department as needed, but must be reported to the Director of Design in Physical Facilities for the Campus Physical Space Inventory (PSI) to be updated.

Last Updated: 1/23/19