Chinese Bridge

Chinese Bridge is a yearly world-wide Chinese language and culture proficiency competition organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters. Interested Binghamton University students first participate in the U.S. eastern regional competition, which includes contestants from 10 states along the east coast, from Maine to North Carolina. In the past six years, five Binghamton students won first place in the senior group of the U.S. eastern region. They are Arthur Kraus (2019), Hey In Lee (2018), Daniel McMonagle (2017), Alyssa Berkowitz (2015), and Carrie Fererabend (2014). Of those winners, four traveled to China to compete on the international stage and three received excellent results.

The following are the summary of the past six years.

In 2019, during the Chinese Bridge competition hosted by the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, student Arthur Kraus received first place. 

In 2018,  CICO student Hye In Lee wins first place in the senior division and “Best Talent” in the 17th U.S. eastern regional Chinese Bridge preliminary competition. 

In 2017, CICO student Daniel McMonagle, who won “best talent” and first place at the advanced level of the U.S. eastern regional Chinese Bridge competition before continuing on to the international competition in Changsha, where he won first prize in the Americas division, and fourth place overall in the Grand Finale.

In 2015, student Alyssa Berkowitz won the grand prize in the advanced level at the northeast regional competition and also went on to compete in Changsha, entering the semi-final round of the competition in the top 15 and taking home a second-place prize.

In 2014, during the 5th northeast regional Chinese Bridge final competition, CICO students made a clean sweep – Carrie Feyerabend won first place at the advanced level, Adam Kopec won second place and Daniel McMonagle won third place. Then in July, Feyerabend went on to participate in the 12th Chinese Bridge International Chinese Speaking Competition for Foreign College Students in Changsha, Hunan province in China, entering as one of the top 30 contestants and winning a third-place prize.