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Checklist for New Students

A complete checklist of things to do before coming to Orientation can be found on MyBinghamton


What you need to bring to orientation

Note that this is only required for the summer Orientation Program.

 All of the forms listed above - high school and any college transcripts, AP scores, and health records, as well as your Orientation confirmation

 Laptop or tablet - You will need one of these for course registration. 

 Comfortable clothing and footwear - A sweatshirt is recommended for the air-conditioned classrooms (bedrooms are not air-conditioned, consider bringing a fan)

 Overnight essentials - soap, shampoo, towels, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.

 Sleep comforts - a pillow, blanket, sheets or a sleeping bag - LINENS ARE NOT PROVIDED.

 An alarm clock - No point in coming to Orientation just to sleep through it!

 Spare change - for the vending machines

 Chargers for electronics

 A pen and paper

Last Updated: 7/6/18