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Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Why should I attend Orientation?

At Orientation, you will receive a comprehensive explanation of everything you must do to make your undergraduate experience complete. You will have opportunities to talk with academic advisors, faculty advisors and peer advisors. Where else will you be able to get your student ID, find out about financial aid, discover opportunities for student involvement, learn about course offerings and much more all in one step? Plus, you'll have the first chance to register for next semester courses!

How and when do I sign up for Orientation?

For summer orientations (fall admits): Invitations to attend orientation will be mailed at the end of May. Students should receive an invitation by June 6. Simply visit the Orientation registration website after you receive your invitation and complete the online registration form. You should receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after clicking submit. 

Does it matter which Orientation session I go to?

For summer sessions only: All Orientation sessions have a maximum capacity level per school. So, if you do not get your first choice of Orientation sessions, don't worry. An equal amount of seats are reserved for each Orientation session, it does not matter which session you attend. Equal access to seats in classes is assured, regardless of which Orientation session you choose to attend.

What is the schedule like during Orientation?

The exact orientation schedule will be distributed at check-in which happens on the first day of the Orientation Program. The program will conclude following course registration. For more specific information, review the Orientation webpage specific to your program.

What if I can't make any of the Orientation dates?

For June and July orientations only: We strongly advise attending a summer Orientation session. If you cannot attend one of these, contact our office at 607-777-4986 to make other accommodations. 

Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes, though Orientation is not mandatory, it is strongly suggested. Attending any of our Orientation sessions allows new students not only an opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus and the resources available, but also gives students an opportunity to register for their first semester courses.

Can I turn in my student health forms at Orientation?

We strongly recommend that you turn in all your forms prior to Orientation, although staff from the Decker Student Health Services Center will be available during the Campus Services Fair at Orientation. More information on health forms and requirements can be found at the Decker Student Health Services Center website or by calling 607-777-2221.

Last Updated: 6/18/15