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About The Public Archaeology Facility

The Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) was organized in 1972 to provide cultural resource management (CRM) services to clients throughout the Northeastern United States, but with a focus on New York State and Pennsylvania. Our CRM services include:

  • Phase 1A Cultural Resource Sensitivity Assessments
  • Phase 1B Archaeological Surveys
  • Phase 2 Archaeological Site Evaluations
  • Phase 3 Data Recoveries/Mitigations
  • Historic Architectural Surveys (including HABS/HAER Documentation)
  • Non-Technical Community Outreach Programs

PAF projects cover the areas of transportation, gas pipelines, wind farms, communication towers, hydroelectric relicensing, mining permits, buried utilities, and other State or Federally permitted developments.

PAF is directed by a full-time professional archaeologist with a doctoral degree and specializations in Cultural Resource Management and Northeastern US prehistory and history. The director is listed in the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA).

PAF projects are assigned to a staff of 30-60 professional archaeologists and managers. All senior professional staff have advanced degrees in Anthropology, with specializations in the historic and/or prehistoric archaeology of the Northeastern U.S.; all supervisors are 36CFR61 qualified. PAF has maintained a stable work force of field technicians, many of whom have been employed at PAF for more than five years.

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Last Updated: 2/22/19