Public Archaeology Facility: Staff

PAF employs 30-60 professional archaeologists and support staff, a number that fluctuates with the seasons. PAF is directed by a full-time professional archaeologist with a doctoral degree in Anthropology (specialization in Cultural Resource Management and the archaeology of the Northeastern United States). Dr. Nina M. Versaggi, the current director, is 36CFR61 qualified, is a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and has over 30 years of experience in Northeastern archaeology and CRM. She served as President of the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) for six years (2005-2010) and chairs the Professional Standards Committee, whose members produced the comprehensive professional standards used by reviewers in New York State.

All senior professional staff at PAF have advanced degrees in Anthropology, with specializations in the historic and/or prehistoric archaeology of the Northeastern U.S.; all supervisors are 36CFR61 qualified. Contact information for senior staff follows.

Nina M. Versaggi, PhD RPA
Director, Associate Professor

Christopher D. Hohman, MA
Assistant Director

Maria Pezzuti, MPA
Administrative Director

Maria O’Donovan, PhD
Assistant to the Director, Historic Research

Brian Grills, MA
Project Director and Pipeline Coordinator

Sara Grills, MA
Project Director

Claire Horn, PhD
Project Director, Lab Director

Michael Jacobson, PhD RPA
Research Consultant

Richard Kastl, MA RPA (Retired)
Project Director and Battlefield Archaeologist

Samuel Kudrle, MA
Project Director and Pipeline Coordinator

Laurie Miroff, PhD
Project Director, Pottery Analyst

Daniel Seib, MA
Project Director and Faunal Analyst

Andrea Zlotucha Kozub, MA
Project Director and Faunal Analyst

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