Virtual Family Weekend

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Virtual Family Weekend was held on Oct. 23–25, 2020

Although the weekend is over, we have made some of the programming still available to our parents, families and students. See the list below to view the program videos on your own time.

A welcome from President Harvey Stenger


  • Virtual Tour of Downtown Binghamton

    Take a virtual tour of downtown on YouTube, presented by VisitBing!

  • Helping Your Student Engage with Others Online

    Many times you may hear your student say that there's nothing to do on campus when really they just aren't quite sure how to utilize campus resources to branch out and meet others. This session will give examples of virtual spaces where students can connect and find ways to get involved outside of the classroom setting.

    Watch Here

  • Connecting to Civic and Community Opportunities with the Center for Civic Engagement

    The Center for Civic Engagement connects students to opportunities to get involved in the community and participate in civic life through course-based experiences, volunteering, voting and more! This video provides a brief overview of our services and how our office supports your student's personal, professional and civic development.

  • Food Insecurity as a College Student

    Learn more about the Binghamton University Food Pantry, see our new and improved space on campus through a virtual tour. Listen as Maddie Petherick, graduate assistant with the pantry, discusses food insecurity and how it impacts the learning and health of college students.

  • Cheer Team Fight Song

    Sit back and enjoy watching the Binghamton Cheer Team deliver our Binghamton University Fight Song in front of the Events Center!

  • Family Weekend Student A Cappella Performances!

    Enjoy the upbeat and fun performances of our student a cappella shows, a tradition at Family Weekend! Nine different a cappella groups will be performing showcasing the incredible talent of our Binghamton students. Featured groups include The Binghamton Crosbys, The Binghamton Treblemakers, The Binghamton Vibes, No Strings Attached, Rhythm Method, Note to Self, Kaskeset, and Harpur Harpeggios.

  • Bearcat Chats: Services that promote well-being and good mental health for students

    On this episode of Bearcat Chats, Jacob Wilkins speaks with members of the University Counseling Center (UCC), CARE Team, and Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS) on the ways their departments help support students in these challenging times.

  • Building Your Harpur Circle

    This presentation will introduce our students and family members to all of the resources our Harpur Academic advisors and peer advisors encourage students to utilize to make the most of their liberal arts degree.

  • Behind the Curtain: A Tour of the Anderson Center for the Performing Arts

    Take a virtual backstage tour of the Anderson Center facilities and join us in the rafters of the Osterhout Concert Theater for a view usually reserved for the Phantom of the Opera.

    Watch Here

  • 9th Annual Running with the Goats

    A Family Weekend tradition! Join us for a virtual 5k run/walk and donate to help support the Maasai tribe, an impoverished tribe in Kenya, by purchasing goats for their village. Participate over an open 64-hour period beginning 6 a.m. on Friday through 4 p.m. on Sunday. Download the Nike running APP or use an APP of your choice to keep track of your time. Send a screenshot of your run time to us at The top 3 runners will receive a prize! Suggested donation $10. Open for students and guests to register.

  • Walk/Run/Stroll for Inclusion

    How to participate

    You are invited to participate and join students, faculty, staff and families as they walk to support inclusion at Binghamton University! Support the student organization Best Buddies and the Institute for Child Development at Binghamton University. Open to all abilities and ages. You can participate wherever you are — at home or on campus. 

  • Binghamton University Dance Team: A Family Weekend Performance

    The Binghamton University Dance Team loves to perform high energy, entertaining dance routines that showcase our Bearcat Spirit! We are "One Bearcat Family" at Binghamton University. We hope all of our Bearcat families can watch our performance and get excited for our first Virtual Family Weekend!

  • Transfer Student Alumni Panel

    Hear from alumni who entered Binghamton University as transfer students as they look back and share their experiences. Find out how they made their transition into the University community with other students and how they became active in both their academic and social endeavors as an undergraduate student.


  • Former Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) Student Panel

    Hear from (former) BAP students who have since matriculated into Binghamton University as they look back and share their experiences. Find out how they navigated two very different institutions and campus cultures, while finding a balance to engage in both academic and social endeavors in pursuit of their goal of becoming an official Bearcat.


  • Music Department Wind Symphony Showcase

    Enjoy performances by the University Wind Symphony.

  • Music Department Vocal Showcase

    Join us for performances by Binghamton University Vocal and Opera students!

  • Easing the Transition: Talking with Your Student During the Academic Year

    The transition to college life can be difficult and is unique to each student. As primary support systems for students, parents and family members play a vital role in easing this transition. Sarah Boniche, operations coordinator for the New Student Programs Office (Orientation) discusses what your student will be experiencing during normal and pandemic times. Sarah is a Binghamton alumna and has experience working in academic advising and in Residential Life, where she served as a Residence Director for first-year students. If participants have follow-up questions for Sarah, she can be reached by emailing her at