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February 2018

April Thompson

Dear Parents/Families,

Binghamton University is like a small city, with more than 17,000 students and 5,000 faculty and staff. And just like all cities, we experience many ups and downs during the course of a year.

The recent death of one of our students – Aaron "AJ" Dannenbring – reminds us that life is not always easy, and none of us are immune to difficult times or sad situations. As our campus and individuals mourn, we acknowledge how extremely hard it is for our students and their families to comprehend the loss of our student, and that each of us mourns differently. The best we can do is provide support to those who are grieving in a manner that suits them.

Our University Counseling Center and Case Management CARE Team stand ready to provide services to our students. We remind everyone that the Counseling Center accommodates emergency appointments and also now offers after-hours phone counseling and consultation for those students who prefer or who find themselves in need after normal business hours. Simply call 607-777-2772 and press 2 on the voicemail menu.

For more complete information on emergency assistance, visit the Counseling Center's emergencies website or the Case Management emergencies website.

And, as always, should you need any assistance, contact my office at

April Thompson
Associate Vice President and Dean of Students


Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Nicole Sirju-Johnson has been appointed interim chief diversity officer upon the retirement of Valerie Hampton and will serve in the position until a national search has been completed. Sirju-Johnson has served the University for 13 years in various capacities including director of the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and associate chief diversity officer. She states that parents should expect greater responsiveness to student concerns in the coming months.

The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has created the DEI Student Advisory Council to serve as a vehicle for student leaders to bring their concerns around hate/bias and discrimination of any kind to University administration. This council will be an ongoing, consistent body through which students and staff will work collaboratively on issues at Binghamton University. The DEI Student Advisory Council is comprised of student leaders who represent a variety of cultural student organizations, the Student Association and various University administrators and faculty.

Along with the advisory council, DEI has expanded support for students via the Q Center and the newly expanded MRC, which has launched a resource library to help students expand cultural awareness. The library is accepting donations of books, games, journals, magazines, movies and more. Lastly, DEI is redesigning its website in hopes of providing more communication to the campus community. Look for more updates on the site and other initiatives for parents in future publications of the Parent Connect.

Off Campus College

One of the main goals of the Off Campus College programs office is to help our students live together peacefully off campus, without conflict, as members of the greater Binghamton community. As a University community we care deeply about our off-campus students, many of whom are living independently for the first time. We look forward to partnering with you to provide them with the tools they need for successful off-campus Living. Encourage your students to stop by our office any time they are experiencing challenges with their off-campus living. We are located at 163 Rockefeller Center, or they can contact us at 607-777-2768, and we will help them have a positive off-campus experience.

Internship fund assists students in gaining experience

Working for a professional sports franchise is a dream for many sports fans. For Josh Goldberg, this dream became a reality, interning for a national hockey league franchise last summer.

Goldberg, whose family lives in Manhattan, was able to obtain a dream summer internship for the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. However, a summer of unpaid work thousands of miles from home sounded unfeasible.

"When I found out that I actually got accepted for it, I thought, 'okay, this sounds awesome, but it's in another state,'" said Goldberg, a senior majoring in math. "I'd have to live on my own."

Looking for a way to live this amazing experience, Goldberg applied for the Fleishman Center's Student Affairs Internship Fund, provided to help students thrive with unpaid internships. In summer 2017, 56 students received from $500 to $2,000 in funding.
"The Internship Fund is a great opportunity for students to pursue internships that they might not have otherwise," said Cassie Spencer, a career consultant for the Fleishman Center who is on the management team for the Career Development Centralized Internship (CDCI) Program.

"We recognize that during the summer a number of students spend their time making money to pay rent, or pay for books, in the school year. The fund can counteract that financial need," Spencer said.

With the help of the Student Affairs Internship Fund, Goldberg was able to complete his internship in Florida. "I ended up getting a sizeable amount of money to make this summer possible, which was incredible," he said. In Tampa, Goldberg learned about the field he hopes to work in — data analytics, and translating statistics into insights that organizations can actually utilize — and met professionals who would teach him skills and lessons that he will take with him to his career.

Jen Levy, also from Manhattan, wasn't sure whether she could accept an offer as a Talent Acquisition Intern at Mount Sinai Hospital. Without compensation, Levy's commutes would be too expensive. The internship fund gave Levy the opportunity to accept the position, giving her the chance to shine.

During her internship, Levy worked to improve the hospital's experience on LinkedIn Elevate, a program that connects employees to good content beneficial for their workplace. "I built new strategies for how to get that program to be used a bit more," explained Levy, a junior majoring in psychology.

Levy impressed her boss so much that the Talent Acquisition team is currently working on developing a new, paid position for Levy this coming summer.

Like Goldberg, many other students find that the internship fund provides the opportunity to work in a city important for their career. Madison Jackson, from Cleveland, Ohio, is a double-major in English and Judaic studies who wanted a chance to experience the world of policy making. Washington, D.C. was the city she needed to be in.

"Had I done this internship anywhere else, it might not have been the same experience," she said. Jackson interned at the Jewish Policy Center, visiting think tanks and participating in events on Capitol Hill while combining her two majors through researching and writing.

Jackson credits the Internship Fund for helping her succeed, and ultimately providing a clearer path for her future. "Right now, I'm leaning more toward working in either a Jewish museum or in Jewish archives, or something that has to do with Jewish Europe," she said.

The Fleishman Center's goal is to double the number of students who receive the Student Affairs Internship Fund every year. To donate to the Internship Fund and play a fundamental role in student success, go online.

The application for the summer 2018 Student Affairs Internship Fund can be found on the Fleishman Center's website. Binghamton University students who are U.S. citizens with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a current FAFSA on file with the University are eligible.
Email the Fleishman Center for more information on the Student Affairs Internship Fund.

Undergraduate Research Center

The Undergraduate Research Center supports students in finding research opportunities, as well as presenting and publishing their work. One of our signature programs is the Summer Scholars and Artists Program

The program enables approximately 24 undergraduates to engage in independently designed research, scholarship or creative activities each summer by providing a stipend of $3,000 to students and $1,000 to their faculty mentors. In this program, our scholars gain critical skills while discovering their passions and honing their career goals.

Ben McLauchlin, a senior environmental studies and graphic design double major and a 2017 Summer Scholar, designed, created and put on an interactive art exhibit about how plastic pollution affects aquatic ecosystems. His goal was to use the exhibit to study how artwork affects people's perception of scientific research. Heather Giza, a junior double majoring in biochemistry and studio art with a concentration in painting, spent her summer investigating the effect of pHLIP variants on cellular functions. The peptide, which can sense pH and selectively insert into cancerous tumors, has wide application in biomedical fields. Zach Ritter, a music major, composed and performed an original score that tapped into his Irish roots.

You can find more information about the Undergraduate Research Center and its programs online.

Residential Life

2018-19 housing sign-ups for newly admitted students

Students new to Binghamton for the spring 2018 semester who would like to live on campus for the 2018-2019 academic year will need to sign up for housing. Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 27, students will be able to log into the housing system, and read and sign the University Housing License. Room selection will take place March 14 and 15. Details will go out via Binghamton University email and will be on the Residential Life web page.

Housing sign-ups for current students who missed the November process

We're re-opening housing sign-ups for students who want to live on campus for fall 2018/spring 2019! If your student missed the housing sign-ups in the fall or is off campus and wants to move back, it's not too late. The online housing sign-up will begin at 2 p.m. Friday, March 16 and continue for one week, closing Friday, March 23. Students can simply log into our housing system during that week, read and sign the housing license and select an available room. Space is limited. Visit our website to learn more about life on campus and our housing page for specific information about this housing process. If you have questions, contact our office via email or at 607-777-2321. 

Important deadlines and reminders

The cancellation deadline for students who signed up for their 2018-2019 housing during the November process is Thursday, March 8. After this date, students will not be able to cancel housing for 2018-2019 unless they are leaving the University. All students who cancel will be billed a $200 cancellation charge. The housing license covers the entire academic year.

Binghamton University Dining Services

Binghamton University Dining Services provides your student with a huge selection of delicious dining options all over campus, but also many student job opportunities with valuable benefits. Visit our website and click on Careers/Student Employment.

Did you know that we have two registered dietitians on campus? We do! Our dietitians can provide your student with free, confidential nutrition consultations, meal-planning tips, educational materials and more. For more information, visit and go to Health/Meet the Dietitians.

This semester your student can enjoy new offerings in all four resident dining centers. From fine Indian cuisine (halal) offered by our partnering local restaurant Moghul at both C4 and CIW dining centers to My Zone stations in both CIW and C4. My Zone provides a gluten-free area with a variety of items made without gluten and nuts. These stations feature dedicated toasters and a refrigerator and/or freezer. We're also excited to announce the addition of Panera Bread coming to campus this fall. Stay tuned to @BingCampusFood for all things dining.

If you would like to us to put a special treat together for your student, check out the 'Shop Now' page on our website at We offer cupcake packages, healthy snack packs and more.

Lastly, encourage your student to provide their feedback — to let us know how we're doing. There are many ways to do this including txtandtell in all resident dining centers. Students text their comments that can display on the txtandtell monitor at each dining center and BUDS managers can respond in real time. We also have an online comment card, various social platforms @BingCampusFood, meet the manager events and more!

Library workshops

The Libraries offer a variety of workshops for students to learn how to use library resources, enhance their research skills and become an expert in searching for relevant research information. These workshops are designed to help students with their class assignments and research papers. Our upcoming workshops include RefWorks Advanced (a citation management tool) and PubMed Workshop (for students in the health sciences). Registration is encouraged but not required.

Financial Aid and Student Records

Financial Aid

File your 2018-2019 FAFSA and TAP application

  • Students can now file their 2018-2019 FAFSA and TAP application. Binghamton University's recommended filing date for returning students is March 1 to receive the best offer of financial aid. The FAFSA is required for all students wishing to receive financial aid for summer 2018, fall 2018 and spring 2019.
  • If the Apply for NYS TAP link on the FAFSA confirmation page is missed, HESC will send an email or postcard reminding you to complete the TAP application online.
  • Students/parents will report 2016 tax information on the 2018-2019 FAFSA.
  • Reporting accurate tax information is simple with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and ensures accurate and streamlined FAFSA filing. For more information about the IRS DRT, go online
  • Continuing students will be notified of their 2018-19 financial aid award packages beginning in late March.
  • Scholarship reminder: Students who received a renewable scholarship based on "demonstrated financial need" in 2017-18 must file their 2018-19 FAFSA no later than March 1 in order to meet the conditions to have their scholarship renewed. Email reminders to the students affected were sent in November and again in December letting them know of the March 1 deadline. If you are not sure if the scholarship your student received is renewable, check by clicking on the scholarship in the student's award offer found on the Financial Aid tab in BU BRAIN. Details pertaining to the specific scholarship and any terms or conditions for renewal can be found there.

Student Records

What to do about a lost Binghamton ID?

For students who have lost their Binghamton ID card, replacing it is easy! Simply have the students email from their official Binghamton email account with the ID card replacement request and their B-number. A $20 replacement fee will be placed on their spring 2018 bill.

Proof of advanced registration available online now

Proof of advanced registration for spring 2018 is available online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Students can access this through BU BRAIN.

Spring 2018 Proof of Enrollment

Spring 2018 Proof of Enrollment became available online at the end of January 2018 through the National Student Clearinghouse. Students can access this through BU BRAIN.

Graduating seniors: Applications for Degree

Undergraduate students graduating after the Winter Session must notify the University of their intent to graduate by emailing

Currently enrolled undergraduates intending to graduate in spring 2018 must complete the online Application for Degree available on BU BRAIN in order to receive their degree. Students completing coursework at another school in spring 2018 must email to complete the Application for Degree.

Cancellation of courses/University withdrawal for the spring semester

Once the spring 2018 semester begins, students seeking to withdraw completely from the University must submit the University Withdrawal form to Financial Aid and Student Records, Admissions Center 112. The Semester Withdrawal Form is required for students who wish to drop all courses and who want their academic record to indicate in good standing. Information on how students can withdraw can be found on the web.

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Visiting Binghamton?

If you're planning a trip to Binghamton, visit the Visiting Binghamton section on our website or the Greater Binghamton Convention and Visitors Bureau for information on what to see, where to stay and where to eat while you're here.

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