Finishing the Semester Remotely: Ways to Support Your Student

As the University continues to implement its response to COVID-19, Parent and Family Programs wants to be sure to keep you informed about important information, updates and resources. All updates and communication from the University can be found by visiting the University coronavirus web page. We know that many students and families have questions, and the FAQ page is the best place to find the most current information.

Students are continuing to experience change that is unsettling. They might be anxious about their classes, sad about the loss of time with friends and ability to connect with others in the campus community, and struggling with the transition of being remote or being home. All of this is in addition to general worry that people may be experiencing regarding the national pandemic.

Ways to support your student:

  • Keep communication open. Let your student know that you recognize that they are going through a transition and that you’re open to talking about anything.
  • Encourage your student to access campus resources. Even though classes have moved online, there are still University resources they can access. This includes the CARE Team as well as other mental health resources.  For all students, especially first-years, have them reach out to Student Success and Transition.

Set up for online learning success

Ways to support your student while taking classes remotely at home:

  • Help create a work space. If possible, encourage your student to set up a dedicated work space that they can use to work on class assignments. Ideally, this work space would be free from distractions and noise to help your student focus on their academics.
  • Treat the online course like an in-person course. Encourage your student to create a schedule and structure for working on class assignments. Creating dedicated time will help your student stay on top of all their work and class requirements.
  • Encourage your student to access campus resources. Binghamton has offered information for student online success and our Information Technology Services (ITS) offers several guides and videos to assist students in utilizing technology. ITS is also able to help your student work through any technology issues that they may experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with the campus academic calendar and offer reminders for your student.
  • Encourage your student to access campus resources. All of our offices are figuring out the best ways to offer services to students remotely. 
  • You may not be familiar, but Binghamton students are sent B-line Announcements via email every day that are also posted online. Now more than ever, encourage them to read through the items, which will include updates, deadlines and opportunities for your student.

Remember important upcoming events and dates

There are a lot of important things that happen during the last part of the semester. This includes advising and course selection for students for the fall, submitting the FAFSA for next year’s financial aid, and planning for housing next year. Each office does a great job at reminding students and providing information, and it can be helpful for parents and families to have a sense of what important things are coming up.

Please know that in this unprecedented situation, we are here to partner with you and support your student and their success at Binghamton University!

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