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PSS Goals

General Goals

  • Continue to develop PSS's role as a campus governance body for professional employees
  • Address issues that may affect professional employees as they arise
  • Continue to work with Faculty Senate on issues of mutual concern
  • Work with senior administration to ensure professional representation on search and other appropriate committees
  • In conjunction with the University President, the University's chapter of UUP, and the Research Foundation, recognize professional staff for contributions to the University
  • Annually review the constituency list of PSS members
  • Use email, listservs, Dateline, and the PSS web page to communicate effectively with the PSS constituency

Specific Goals

  • Meet with the University President and each Vice President to discuss issues relating to professionals on campus
  • Hold a PSS meeting in new buildings throughout campus in order to become familiar with these new resources
  • Increase awareness of the senate and constituency on the mentoring program for new campus professionals
  • Distribute professional development funds and revise the plan for the future of this program
  • Explore additional fund raising opportunities to support professional development projects
  • Address the impact of construction projects and the resulting space allocations, relocations, and loss of space
  • Address the impact of increasing enrollment, number of faculty, and research grants and the impact of same on professionals' work
  • Educate senate and constituency on promotional opportunities
  • Educate senate and constituency on new technologies and projects concerning the safety of the campus community

Last Updated: 4/2/16