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Mohammad Ali

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Prior to joining Binghamton University, Mohammad Ali was a research associate in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Alberta, Canada. In Ali’s research, he gained broad training in various pharmacological, biochemical and molecular biology techniques, with emphasis on their applications to study the oxidative stress damage to the heart. Ali’s current research exploits state-of-the-art imaging and structural methods including live-cell imaging, super-resolution microscopy and NMR spectroscopy to unravel epigenetics and non-epigenetics roles of RYBP in DNA repair and cancer biology. Knowing that DNA repair is one mechanism that allows cancer cells to resist therapy, his theme of research has potential implications in cancer therapeutics. The novel role of the protease MMP-2 in ribosomal RNA biogenesis is also under investigation, which could open new avenues for the deployment of MMP-2 inhibitors as anticancer drugs.

Ali is also a licensed clinical pharmacist (Alberta College of Pharmacy) and his practice focused on providing pharmaceutical care to special populations: older adults, HIV and opioid use disorder patients.


  • PhD. Pharmacology, University of Alberta, Canada
  • MSc. Pharmacology, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • BSc. Pharm, Alexandria University, Egypt

Research Interests

  • Cancer cell biology
  • Epigenetics
  • Cardiovascular

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