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Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Course Requirements:

Student must take a total of 12 courses to fulfill the requirements for the major. Four courses must be in philosophy (146; either 147, 148, or 149; 345; and either 455, 456, 457 or 458, of any letter/title); two political science courses from list B, at least one of which must be 300-level or above; and any two history courses from list C. The remaining four courses may be selected from among all the classes listed under Philosophy, Political Science, History or Cognates. At least half of the courses must be at the 300-level or above.

Important Notes: Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in courses fulfilling the major and courses cannot be taken Pass/Fail. Substitution of courses (except courses  from other universities automatically transferred into the PPL major) must be approved by the student's PPL advisor. Substitutions of Binghamton University courses not currently included in the major will be granted only in unusual circumstances, and are considered only in the senior year. Courses taken at other universities, similar to courses in the PPL major, may be approved for inclusion in the major by the student's PPL advisor.  Advisors are located in the Philosophy Department and have walk-in advising hours.  For specific walk-in advising hours, see the Advising.
Updated: December 5, 2018

  1. Philosophy Required:
    PHIL 146 Law and Justice
    PHIL 147 Markets, Ethics and Law or PHIL 148 Medical Ethics or PHIL 149 Environmental Ethics and Policy
    PHIL 345 Philosophy of Law
    PHIL 455 Advanced Philosophy of Law or PHIL 456 Problems in Law and Political Theory (of any letter/title); or PHIL 457 Problems in Law and Morality (of any letter/title) or PHIL 458 Problems in Law and History of Philosophy (of any letter/title)
    Optional Philosophy:
    PHIL 121 Methods of Reasoning 
    or PHIL 122 Elementary Logic
    PHIL 140 Introduction to Ethics
    PHIL 142 Intro to Political Philosophy
    PHIL 147 Markets, Ethics and Law
    PHIL 148 Medical Ethics
    PHIL 149 Environmental Ethics and Policy
    PHIL 201 Plato & Aristotle
    PHIL 242 Classics in Political Philosophy
    PHIL 340 Ethical Theory
    PHIL 342 History of Social and Political Philosophy
    PHIL 344 Buddhist Ethics
    PHIL 403 Topics in Ancient Philosophy (of any letter/title)
    PHIL 455 Advanced Philosophy of Law
    PHIL 456 Problems in Law and Political Theory (of any letter/title)
    PHIL 457 Problems in Law and Morality (of any letter/title)
    PHIL 458 Problems in Law and History of Philosophy (of any letter/title)
    PHIL 480A Genocide & Mass Atrocity Prevention
    PHIL 480G Global Health Impact
    PHIL 488 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy (of any letter/title)
    PPL 471/472 Pell Honors Seminar I/Pell Honors Seminar II
    PPL 480 Advanced Topics in Philosophy and Law
  2. Political Science Courses (minimum of two required, at least one of which is an upper-level class):
    PLSC 111 Introduction to American Politics
    PLSC 113 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    PLSC 115 Introduction to Ideas and Politics
    PLSC 117 World Politics
    PLSC 282A Intro to Environmental Policy
    PLSC 287 Special Topics in Political Theory
    PLSC 300 Political Psychology
    PLSC 319 Issues in World Politics
    PLSC 321 American Presidency
    PLSC 322 American Political Parties and Pressure Groups
    PLSC 323 The Congress in American Politics
    PLSC 325 Ethics & US Foreign Policy
    PLSC 326 American State Politics
    PLSC 327 American Foreign Policy
    PLSC 331 Constitutional Law and Politics
    PLSC 333 Civil Rights and Liberties
    PLSC 340 Public Opinion
    PLSC 342 Urban Politics
    PLSC 348 Human Rights
    PLSC 358 Russian & Post Soviet Politics
    PLSC 360 Political Behavior
    PLSC 366 US Labor Politics, Policy and Law
    PLSC 369 American Electoral Behavior
    PLSC 373 American Political Thought
    PLSC 375 International Law
    PLSC 380 Topics in World Politics (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 381H Political Analysis
    PLSC 382 Topics in American Politics (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 384 Topics in Policy Analysis (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 387 Topics in Political Theory (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 389 Topics in Comparative Politics (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 402 Dynamics of Int. Conflict
    PLSC 405 International Politics of Third World
    PLSC 414 The US Supreme Court
    PLSC 420 Judicial Politics and Behavior
    PLSC 421 American Politics: Congress
    PLSC 424 American Political Process
    PLSC 425 The American Congress, Structure and Power
    PLSC 426 Voting Rights
    PLSC 433 Human Rights & World Politics
    PLSC 435 Politics of Development
    PLSC 441 Political Economy
    PLSC 474 Voting Behavior
    PLSC 481 Seminar in American Politics (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 486 Special Topics in World Politics (of any letter/title)
    PLSC 487 Special Topics in Political Theory (of any letter/title)
  3. History Courses (minimum of two required):
    HIST 103 Foundations of America (of any letter/title)
    HIST 104 Modern American Civilization (of any letter/title)
    HIST 130 Modern World History
    HIST 131 World History to 1500
    HIST 225 Imperial Russia
    HIST 230 History of Modern Medicine
    HIST 231 Animals and Society
    HIST 237 World Environmental History
    HIST 238 Science and Technology in the Modern World
    HIST 263 Sex in American History
    HIST 264 Immigration and Ethnicity in the U.S.
    HIST 266 U.S. Women since 1874
    HIST 267A Asian American History
    HIST 268 Native American Culture and History
    HIST 273 Chinese Civilization
    HIST 274 Late Imperial China
    HIST 275 20th Century Middle East
    HIST 275A Modern Middle East, 1800-Present
    HIST 276 Modern Latin American History
    HIST 280C History of Social Movements in the Modern US
    HIST 280H African American History since 1825
    HIST 281A Machiavelli and the Renaissance
    HIST 281D Europe Since 1500
    HIST 281H Europe, 1890 - the Present
    HIST 281N Modern Britain and Its Empire
    HIST 281R England and Its Empire, 1450 – 1750
    HIST 281U Wars of Religion
    HIST 282A Colonial Latin American History
    HIST 282D Mexico, Aztecs to the Present
    HIST 284B China and the Contemporary World
    HIST 284E Modern India, 1757 – 2000
    HIST 284H Environment and Empire, 1750 – 1950
    HIST 285B History of Islam
    HIST 285F U.S. & Middle East
    HIST 285G Islamic World 500-1500
    HIST 285H Women and Gender in the Middle East
    HIST 286D Empires at War: Britain and Spain
    HIST 286E History of Pre-modern Medicine and Disease
    HIST 286H World Climate Catastrophes
    HIST 300 Ancient Law and Society
    HIST 310 Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe
    HIST 311 Race and Racism in Modern Europe
    HIST 312 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe
    HIST 325 Red Phoenix: Revolution & USSR
    HIST 333 Human Rights Since 1945
    HIST 341 China and the West
    HIST 345 The Holocaust
    HIST 350 Revolution and the Founding
    HIST 354 Civil War America
    HIST 356 American Legal History
    HIST 357 U.S. Diplomatic History
    HIST 362 US in the Depression and World War II
    HIST 364 The American West
    HIST 365 US in the Depression & WWII
    HIST 373 Race in Latin American History
    HIST 374 China in the 20th Century
    HIST 380 Special Topics in U.S. History (of any letter/title)
    HIST 381D Borderlands of East Central Europe
    HIST 381E Sex and Society in Europe, 1100-1400
    HIST 381H After Machiavelli: Pol Thought in Early Modern Europe
    HIST 381J Martyrs to Monks in Early Christianity
    HIST 381Z Race & Religion in the Middle Ages & Early Modern Europe
    HIST 382B Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America
    HIST 385B History of Islam
    HIST 385G Islamic World, 500 – 1500
    HIST 385H Women and Gender in the Middle East
    HIST 385J Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    HIST 385K Republic of Turkey
    HIST 386C Human Trafficking in History
    HIST 386D The Crusades
    HIST 386E Sex Trafficking in Modern Europe
    HIST 386F Gender, Genocide & Humanitarian Aid
    HIST 386J Making of the African Diaspora
    HIST 432 Latin America and the U.S.
    HIST 440 Capitalism and the Jews
    HIST 473 Imperialism in East Asia
    HIST 480 Senior Seminar in U.S. History (of any letter/title)
    HIST 481B Slavery in the Ancient World
    HIST 481C Charlemagne, Power, and Kinship
    HIST 481H Roman Imperialism and Law
    HIST 481W Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece and Rome
    HIST 481X Ancient Environmental History
    HIST 482B Latin American Immigration
    HIST 484C Nationalism in East Asia
    HIST 484F Maritime Asia
    HIST 484H Gandhi and Violence
    HIST 484K Gandhi and Violence
    HIST 485B Sectarianism in the Middle East
    HIST 485G Iran, Past and Present
    HIST 485M Socialism and the Jews
    HIST 486 Senior Seminar in World or Comparative History (of any letter/title)
  4. Cognate Courses (all are optional):
    ANTH 256 Native American Culture and History
    ANTH 364 Political Anthropology
    BE 304 Intellectual Property Law
    CLAS 381A Persuasion in Ancient Greece
    ECON 144 Poverty and Discrimination
    ECON 160 Principles of Microeconomics
    ECON 162 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 331 Environmental Economics [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 343 Intro. to Labor Economics and IR [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 350 U.S. Financial System: Markets and Institutions [ECON majors only]
    ECON 381L Econ Analysis of Pub. Programs [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 426 History of Economic Thought [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 436 International Trade [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 437 International Monetary Economics [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 445 Public Expenditure and Public Choice [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 447 Collective Decisions [ECON majors/minors only]
    ECON 461 Game Theory [ECON majors/minors only]
    ENVI 239 Environmental Planning Policy
    ENVI 312 Environmental Law and Policy
    ENVI 415 Environmental Planning
    ENVI 460 Environmental Policy Analysis
    ENVI 481 Ethics and Policy Seminar (of any letter/title) 
    PAFF 521 Foundations of Public Service (PAFF graduate students only)
    PPL 280 Topics in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (of any letter/title)
    PPL 380 Topics in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (of any letter/title)
    PPL 480 Topics in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (of any letter/title)
    PPL 487 Topics in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (of any letter/title)
    SOC 200 Foundations of Social Theory
    SOC 236 Intro to Criminal and Social Justice
    SOC 240 Women of Color in the U.S.
    SOC 251 Deviant Behavior
    SOC 260 Social Problems in the United States
    SOC 340 Women and Criminal Justice
    SOC 370 Social Inequality
    SOC 374 Oil Politics
    SOC 375 Economic Sociology
    SOC 378 Law and Society
    SOC 380D Labor Politics in Contemporary America
    SOC 380F Contemporary Capitalism
    SOC 432 War, Crimes & Global War
    WGSS 282C Activism, Feminism, & Social Justice
    WGSS 481C Queer Critical Legal Theory and Law

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