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SPEL Graduate Courses

For current course listings, please consult the University Bulletin and BU Brain.


Fall 2015

PHIL 508: Social and Political Theory, Iser (First Year Seminar)

PHIL 540C: Kant's First Critique, Guay (History of Philosophy, Metaphysics/Epistemology)

PHIL 605E: On Duties, Karnein (Analytic)

PHIL 605R: Philosophy of Human Rights, Reeves (Analytic)

PHIL 650E: Arendt: The Political Condition, Bar On (Continental)

Spring 2015

PHIL 505: Contemporary Ethics, Knapp (First Year Seminar)

PHIL 507: Epistemology, Dietrich (Epistemology)

PHIL 510H: Metaphysics, Goodman (Metaphysics/Epistemology, Anglo-American)

PHIL 540B: Spinoza Berkeley & Quine, Dietrich

PHIL 580E: Buddhist Ethics, Goodman (History)

PHIL 580K: Resistance & Revolution, Iser (History, Anglo-American, Continental)

PHIL 605D: Structural Injustice, Karnein (History, Anglo-American, Continental)

PHIL 620B: Plato's Political Philosophy, Preus (History)

PHIL 650C: Nietzsche, Guay (History, Continental)

Fall 2014

PHIL 508: Social and Political Theory, Reeves (First Year Seminar)

PHIL 550C: Wittgenstein, Guay (Metaphysics/Epistemology, History, Continental, Anglo-American)

PHIL 560: Philosophy of Mind, Dietrich (Metaphysics, Anglo-American)

PHIL 580C: Testimony and the Holocaust, Bar On (Epistemology)

PHIL 605A: What is Morality? Tessman (Anglo-American)

PHIL 605B: Metaethics, Knapp (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608F: Theories of Property, Karnein (History, Continental, Anglo-American)

PHIL 650A: Contemporary Critical Theory, Iser (Continental)

Spring 2014

PHIL 505: Contemporary Ethics, Tessman (First Year Seminar, Anglo-American)

PHIL 580B: Philosophy of Social Science, Guay (Metaphysics/Epistemology)

PHIL 605E: Buddhist Metaphysics, Goodman (Metaphysics)

PHIL 605H: Intergenerational Ethics, MacClellan (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608J: Health Justice, Hassoun (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608L: Liberalisms, Bar On (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608D: Hegel's Philosophy of Right, Pensky (Continental, History)

PHIL 609C: Democratic Theory, Reeves (Anglo-American)

PHIL 621C: Aristotle's Ethics & Politics, Preus (History)

Fall 2013

PHIL 508, Social and Political Theory, Pensky (FYS)

PHIL 507, Epistemology, Dietrich (Metaphysics, Anglo-American)

PHIL 540B, Twentieth-Century Philosophy, Dietrich (Metaphysics, Anglo-American)

PHIL 580C, Immigration, Bar On (Anglo-American)

PHIL 580E, Ethics and Animals, MacClellan (Anglo-American)

PHIL 605E, Ethics and Climate Change, Knapp (Anglo-American)

PHIL 650C, Nietzsche, Guay (Continental, History)

Spring 2013

PHIL 505, Contemporary Ethics, Goodman (FYS, Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 540B, Spinoza, Berkeley, and Quine (Metaphysics, History)

PHIL 609B, Philosophy of Human Rights, Reeves (Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 650E, Adorno: Negative Dialectics (Continental)

Fall 2012

PHIL 508, Social and Political Philosophy, Reeves (FYS, Anglo-Amer.)

PHIl 540C, Kant and Contemporary Moral Philosophy, Zinkin (History of Philosophy)

PHIL 510B, Metaphysics, Dietrich (Metaphysics)

PHIL 605B, Moral Intuitions and Reasoning, Tessman (Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 605D, Value Theory, Knapp (Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 608H, Global Justice, Hassoun (Anglo-Amer.)

Spring 2012

PHIL 505, Contemporary Ethics, Knapp (FYS, Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 540C, Kant's Third Critique, Zinkin (History of Philosophy)

PHIL 543B, Socrates, Preus (History of Philosophy)

PHIL 550F, Feminist Ethics, Tessman (Anglo-Amer.)

PHIL 580A, Just War, Bar On

PHIL 605E, Buddhist Metaphysics (Metaphysics)

PHIL 640M, Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Religion (History, Continental)

PHIL 650A, Hegel on the Sociality of the Self, Guay (History, Continental)

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