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Welcome to Physical Facilities

Congratulations on your new position with Physical Facilities. To assist in your orientation, we encourage you to review the information presented here. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Ketchum by e-mail or at 777-2910.

  • Organizational Chart- this will give you a snapshot of how Physical Facilities is organized.
  • About- this web page describes Physical Facilities mission, provides a general description of the campus and outlines the units in our organization including Operations, Design, Construction, Long Term Planning, Business Affairs and Administrative Services.
  • Fundamental Management Objectives- are guidelines employees are encouraged to use in their relationships with co-workers and the campus community.

Office Policies/Information

University Policies/Procedures/Information

Other Campus Services

Other Resources

Many in Physical Facilities work closely with individuals in the following organizations. Contact information is available on the respective sites.


Last Updated: 2/12/20