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Parking spaces on west side of Events Center offline Jan. 18 to Jan. 29

Parking spaces on the west side of the Events Center north of the loading dock will be offline from Monday, Jan. 18 through Friday, Jan. 29. The loading dock will remain accessible. The contractor for the baseball stadium project will be installing new storm and water lines during this time. Contact project coordinator Gary Bendert with any questions at or 777-4715.

Electrical shutdown affects Lehman Hall Jan. 18 - Jan. 22

There will be an electrical shutdown affecting Lehman Hall from Monday, Jan. 18 through Friday, Jan. 22. Emergency power only will be available during this time. The shutdown is needed to replace electrical feeders and conduit in the building. Contact Patrick Gunter with any questions a or 777-4468.

Science 2 Tower demolition work begins Dec. 2

Demolition and asbestos abatement work will get underway at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the basement, ground, first, and second floors of the Science 2 Tower as part of the renovation project. The demo/abatement work will continue through January. Interior pedestrian traffic between the physics and chemistry wings will be closed from Dec. 2 through Feb. 1. Occupants will have to exit and then re-enter the building at the wing entrances in lieu of going through the building. The main entry doors to the first floor lobby off of the courtyard near Science 1 will also be closed until Feb. 1 for the removal of construction waste. Limited interior pedestrian traffic will open back up in February. This work will create noise in these areas. General renovation will go through 2022.The project scope of work includes gutting and renovating the Science 2 Tower. A number of critical maintenance items will be addressed as well including asbestos abatement and new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. Contact project coordinator Marty Petrosky with any questions at or 777-6575.

Elevator emergency call buttons/phones issue

Some campus elevators are experiencing problems with emergency call buttons and phones. If you need to report an elevator issue and find the elevator's communications do not work, please use your cell phone and call Physical Facilities Customer Service at 7-2226.

Temporary changes to snow removal procedure

For the winter of 2020-2021 the Binghamton University grounds department is modifying snow removal procedures in an effort to reduce the amount of overtime hours needed. We have identified parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks that do not affect access to buildings. These will be cordoned off accordingly from public access. From Nov. 30, 2020 to Feb. 3, 2021 the following, dependent on the severity of each storm, will not be an immediate priority and will be cleared of snow only during regularly scheduled working hours.

-Connector Road
-East Gym Ramp
-Sidewalk below Lot S2 & S3
-G1 perimeter sidewalk
Parking Lots
-Lot F3
-Lot G1
-Lot M3
-Lot S2
-Lot W (upper portion only)
-Lot Y5
-Lot Y4

Hinman Community elevators

The notification system for Hinman Community elevators is older technology. A person who uses the call button may have to wait longer than expected while the car services another floor. Please allow ample time before calling for emergency service if the complaint is due to delayed response by the Hinman elevators. Contact Physical Facilities Customer Service at 777-2226 with any questions.


Last Updated: 1/19/21