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Removal of dead trees Dec. 16 - Dec. 18

Beginning Dec.16, approximately 20 dead ash trees infected by the emerald ash borer insect will be removed from various locations around campus. Work expected to conclude by Dec.18. Contact Jonathan Reynolds with any questions at or 777-4638.

Library door replacement Dec. 16 - Dec. 23

The double door next to room G300 in Library hallway G400B will be replaced beginning Monday, Dec.16 with work expected to be completed Monday, Dec. 23. The project involves demo of the existing door frame, installation of a new frame as well as a new door and hardware. Contact Greg Knetchel with any questions at or 777-4632.

Fine Arts stairwell ceiling work Dec. 19 - Dec. 31

Fine Arts stairwell #25 will be closed from 7 a.m. Thursday Dec. 19 through noon Tuesday Dec. 31 to perform work on a ceiling in the stairwell. Contact Greg Knetchel with any questions at or 777-4632.

Administration Building grad suite carpet replacement Dec. 9 - Jan. 8

A small project to replace carpeting in the Graduate School suite on the first floor of the Administration Building (AD 125, 127, 134) will take place from Monday Dec. 9 through Wed. Jan. 8. The project will involve moving some furniture out of the area, a small asbestos abatement of floor area and the installation of new carpeting. Contact project coordinator Claudia Guernsey with any questions at or 777-4050.

Science 4 partial heating shutdown Dec. 17

There will be a partial heating shutdown on the west of Science 4 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.Tuesday, Dec. 17. Heat will not be available in west side perimeter offices, west side perimeter hallways and stair towers S-1 and S-2. All floors of the west side interior offices and newly renovated east side of the building will remain heated. This shutdown is required in order to advance the Science 3 chiller project. Contact project coordinator Don Whittemore with any questions at or 777-5464.

Fine Arts Dance Studio Floor Work Dec. 16 - Jan. 17

Work to renovate the Fine Arts dance studio floors will take place from Mon. Dec. 16 through Friday, Jan. 17. A construction dumpster will be located near the loading dock in lot D from Dec. 16 to Jan. 10. Another dumpster will be located near the Casadesus entry door from Dec. 16 to Dec. 20. Contact project coordinator Claudia Guernsey with any questions at or 777-4050.

Flooring Construction work for the Fine Arts/Anderson Center selected corridors Dec. 16 - Jan. 10

Flooring work will take place in selected corridors of the Fine Arts/Anderson Center from Monday, Jan. 16 through Friday, Jan. 10. Flooring replacement work is specific to corridor 134 near Watters Theater, corridor 192A near Studio A and B, elevator lobby 198A and elevator lobby B43. Pedestrian traffic will be rerouted as needed. Contact project coordinator Mary Ann Fletcher at or 607-777-5064 with any questions.

Iroquois Commons first floor restroom work Dec. 18 - Dec. 21

Iroquois Commons first floor men's restroom will be shutdown from Wednesday, Dec. 18 to Saturday, Dec. 21 so the floor can be recoated. The women's first floor restroom will be closed during that same period for regrouting. Contact Greg Knetchel with any questions at or 777-4632.

Last Updated: 12/11/19