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Central Receiving and Customer Service Center Hours President's Day, February 18

Central Receiving will be closed Monday, February 18 for President's Day. All deliveries will resume Tuesday, February 19.

Customer Service Center will be open on President's Day, Monday, February 18 from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Engineering Building Sprinkler Shutdown February 12

The sprinkler system in the Engineering Building will be shutdown from 5 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 12. The shutdown is needed to accommodate work taking place for renovation project that is underway. Contact Jennifer Bourassa with any questions at or 777-5047.

Update- Demolition of Buildings Near School of Pharmacy Begins February 11

Due to extreme weather delaying the initial start date, it is now anticipated that the demolition of three vacant buildings across from the School of Pharmacy on Corliss Ave. will begin Monday, February 11, weather permitting. There may be slight, temporary impacts on vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area as machines are moved into position and debris removed. The work will be complete by the end of February. Contact Tony Citriniti with any questions at or 777-6015.

Engineering Building Renovations Begin January 28

Renovations to a portion of the Engineering Building will begin Monday, January 28. The contractor will be placing some fencing on the north side of the building along with a dumpster for debris removal. Contractors will be throughout the building as power and other mechanical equipment is dismantled. Beginning February 4, demolition of interior walls on the north side of the building will begin. The work will produce noise throughout the day and construction debris will be removed through the elevator and north stair tower. Interior wall demolition will be limited to the area on the third floor that has not been renovated in previous renovations. Every effort will be made to accomplish the removals producing the most noise to early morning and after hours. Demolition will be completed by the end of February. Renovation of the space will follow and should be less disruptive.

This project will renovate 66,000 square feet of space in the Engineering Building. It includes upgrades to HVAC systems including new air handlers, chiller and duct work along with upgrades to power panels, lighting controls, fiber optics and emergency generators. New ADA compliant offices, classrooms and restrooms are included in the renovation and later work will involve new exterior cladding with insulated panels and new windows.

Contact Heath Weeks with any questions at or 777-3793.

UPDATE: Electrical Shutdown Affecting ITC Buildings Changed to March 16

Due to forecast cold temperatures for January 12, the electrical shutdown for buildings at ITC has been postponed until Saturday, March 16.

There will be an electrical shutdown beginning at 7 a.m. and lasting approximately ten hours on Saturday, March 16 affecting the Biotechnology Building, Engineering & Science Building, and Center of Excellence. The Smart Energy Building will be affected for about five minutes toward the end of the shutdown which is anticipated at around 5 p.m. March 16. .

Emergency generators will be used to supply minimal power during this shut down. The back-up power will supply emergency lighting, security systems, fire alarm, hot water pumps, and certain boilers for minimal building heating, as well as designated outlets in lab areas.

There will be no cooling systems. Server areas should be shut down prior to the building power shut down. Computers should be shutdown as well.
Fume hoods will not be operational during this time and all sashes should be closed. The building should remain unoccupied during this time.

Power outlets designated as standby or by a red outlet cover can be used to supply critical equipment such as sub-zero freezers and critical refrigerators for labs. If any lab has acquired new equipment that needs a stand-by outlet please contact Lisa Sklener as soon as possible so she can coordinate having them installed prior to March 16.

Lisa can be reached at or 607-759-8276.

Restrictions Regarding Personal Package Delivery to the University

Support Services provided by Central Receiving are for delivery and pickup of packages related only to University business. Official University packages shall be defined as those required for the purpose of the University and are limited to items necessary for the conduct of the sender's official University responsibilities. Since all packages are sorted and delivered through Central Receiving, shipping and receiving personal items to the University is not permitted as state resources cannot be used for personal matters. Additionally, the University cannot assume the liability for receipt of personal deliveries.

Here are some alternatives to having deliveries sent to your office:

· Make arrangements with family or friends to receive your package while you are at work.

· Make alternate arrangements for receiving your packages such as:

  • Customize your delivery with FedEx to other convenient locations that have "Hold at Location" service.
  • Manage your package deliveries through the U.S. Postal Service with its "Informed Delivery" service and request re-delivery of mail you missed receiving.
  • Change your UPS package delivery location both before and after an initial delivery attempt.

Last Updated: 2/13/19