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Campus Mail Services 
Due to limited staff, Campus Mail Services will not be delivering mail to departments for the time being. Mail will be sorted by department and staff may pick up and drop off mail and packages. Effective Tuesday, May 26, department mail pick-up/drop-off summer hours at Campus Mail Services will be 9:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Monday through Friday. CMS is located below the Marketplace in the basement of the University Union. Please knock on the door. Mail already placed in locked boxes and in bins around campus will be picked up. For questions please email

Customer Service Center
Update- Physical Facilities Customer Service
Customer Service will not be staffed for the remainder of this week (March 23 - March 27). Calls will be transferred to the monitor board- 777-2341. Service requests will continue to be processed. We expect the Customer Service Center to be staffed again beginning Monday, March 30.

Custodial Services/Cleaning
Cleaning activities will be prioritized and focused on common areas to allow for attention to trash removal, cleaning restrooms, touch points, and health sensitive areas (locker rooms etc.) Offices may not be cleaned on a regular basis and any perishables should be disposed of in common area trash cans. Cleaning activities such as carpet extraction and floor finishing will not be a priority.
Central Receiving/Warehouse  
Central Receiving will not be delivering to offices. You will still get an email notice when a package has arrived and may pick up the package from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Central Receiving/Warehouse located in the Physical Facilities compound. One drop locations will not be used after March 19.  Packages that normally go to those locations may also be picked up at Central Receiving/Warehouse until further notice. Overnight/next day deliveries will continue to go to departments.
Physical Facilities will prioritize repair and maintenance work orders based on life safety and critical needs. Non-maintenance work orders such as minor alterations will be given a lower priority, resulting in delays.

Event work orders 
Event work orders will not be processed until further notice, unless exempted. For information on events and meetings, please see

Construction suspended on campus

On Friday, March 27, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a directive suspending all non-essential construction activity in New York state. According to the directive, only emergency, nonessential construction can continue where the work is "necessary to protect the health and safety of the occupants," or to finish a job if it would be unsafe to stop it now, but only to complete enough work so that it is safe to close down. This directive affects most construction projects underway at Binghamton University.

This week, Physical Facilities project coordinators will work with contractors to ensure a safe shutdown of projects. Utility tie-ins at the Hinman Dining Hall renovation project need to be completed for safe shutdown, so work will continue there for one or two weeks. The chiller project underway in Science 3 will advance until appropriate building systems are in place to protect the buildings it serves with proper HVAC.

Work will stop at other major projects such as 48 Corliss (Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences), the Engineering Building, Science 2, Cleveland Hall and a number of smaller projects. This suspension obviously affects project schedules and completion dates, but it is too soon to gauge the impact. This suspension may also affect some of our summer projects

You may notice elsewhere in the community that some construction work may still proceed, but that's defined narrowly to include critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, transit facilities and utilities, as well as hospitals or healthcare facilities, affordable housing and homeless shelters.

Reception/phone calls
The Physical Facilities office reception areas will be closed and calls forwarded to the Customer Service Center. 


Last Updated: 5/18/20