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Dr. Mario Paniccia, Intel Fellow and director of the Photonics Technology Lab, graduated with his bachelor's degree in 1988 and now conducts research in super-fast Si photonics using optical waves instead of electricity to send data. Paniccia was featured in a 2004 article of the Binghamton University Alumni Journal and R&D Magazine named him its 2008 Scientist of the Year.

Dr. Paul Tipton, professor in the Department of Physics at Yale University, in 1995 led a team of researchers that discovered the top quark, one of the building blocks of matter.

Dr. Bruce White, associate professor of Physics and Materials Science at Binghamton University, graduated in 1990. Formerly a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff and Manager of Advanced CMOS development at Motorola and Freescale Semiconductor.

MA, MS and PhD recipients

Dr. Lloyd R. Harriott: Endowed Chair of the Charles Brown Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and professor of Physics at the University of Virginia earned both his MA (1976) and PhD (1980) from Binghamton University. Lloyd has actively advanced the field of electron beam lithography with his products and research, deep UV lithography and currently does research in nanofabrication and molecular electronics.

Last Updated: 8/9/18