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Poliks, Barbara M. (Janik)

Poliks, Barbara M. (Janik)

Research Associate Professor
Office: S2 - 245
Phone: 7-6534

Dr. Barbara Polik's Research Publications,CV and interests

Dr. Poliks received her Ph.D. in physics from Jagiellonian University , Poland in 1982. She joined the Binghamton University physics department in 1996.

The research of Dr. Poliks in the past 15 years has focused on computational studies of the structure and dynamics of proteins, linear and branched polymers and nanoparticles.  She has been using the following software packages: Materials Studio from Accelrys, San Diego, AMBER  from The Scripps Research Institute and LAMMPS distributed by Sandia National Laboratories.  She performs her simulations on NYSGrid and TeraGrid.

Last Updated: 10/6/16