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Fountain infront of Glenn G Bartle Library 

BU- Physics Department Graduate Students

 Graduate Students Fall 2016

physics graduate students- fall 2016 on Journal club day


A happy group of graduate students taking time to pose for a photograph amidst their busy schedules.

Front Row: Left to Right: Justin Leshen, Hari Paudyal, Darshana Weeravarne, Linda Wangoh, Mariam Kavai, Stuart Shepard, Kyle Sherman, Matthew Wahila, Taylor Juran.

Second Row: Left to Right: Ioannis Giannakis, Matt Redell, Stefan McCarty, Jeremy Mehta, Steve Button, Chris Singh, Kevin Silverstein, Garima Nagar, William Ryan, Sitaram Panta, Felix Saouma, Haian Qiu

Standing against the wall: Left to Right: Robert Shepard, Ross Grynko, Sebastian Howard, Ernesto Sandoval, Calford Otieno, Todd Rutkowski

Others Not in the photograph above: Faramarz Hadian, Tyler Eustance, Jeremiah Dederick, Mohammed Genanu, Samad Hajinazar, Michael Lamontagne, Zach-Lebens Higgins, Michael Pacelli, Junping Shao, Imran Khan and  William Thompson.

2018 Physics Ph.D. Degree recipients:

Todd Rutkowski, Ross Grynko, Justin Leshen, Mohammed Genanu

2018 MS (Physics) Degree recipients:

Tyler Eustance  and Steven Button

2017 Physics Ph.D. Degree recipients:

Jeremiah Dederick, Calford Otieno,   Felix Saouma, and Darshana Weerawarne, Linda Wangoh, Shawn Sallis

2016  Physics Ph.D. Degree recipients:

Patrick O'Brien,  Nick Quackenbush, Daniel C. Clark,  Austin Faucett and Francis Mutuku and William Thompson

2014 Physics Ph.D. recipients:

Gregory Parks, Erik M. Weiler, Fangfang Song.


Nick Quackenbush wins prestigious NRC post- doctoral research fellowship.

Nick QuackenbushNicholas Quackenbush won a post doctoral research fellowship through the National Research Council (NRC), USA. He will be working for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) beginning in December, 2016 and he will be stationed at the new National Synchrotron Light Source-II (NSLS-II) facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY, working under Dr. Joseph C. Woicik. Nick's proposal is to use hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) to investigate novel electronic materials. Specifically, he will be studying rare earth perovskite heterostructures that are promising for application in oxide electronics. He will also have the opportunity to participate in the commissioning of the brand new beamline at NSLS-II that he will use for his research.
Prof. Louis Piper, Nick's supervisor, adds that Nick will be defending his thesis entitled "The physics of ultra-thin vanadium dioxide: at the surface, interface and in-between" in June 2016.

Graduate Students- fall 2012- 2013

Physics Grad students- new and previous ones

 Front Row Left to Right: Junping Shao, Derek Stampone, Dan Clark, Francis Mutuku, Darshana Weerawarne, Joshua Hewlett, Jeremiah Dederick, Patrick OBrien

Next Row standing Left to Right: Linda Wangoh, Imran Khan, Matt Wahila, Jonathan Li, Connor Harrison, Nick Quackenbush, Matt Gochan, Gavin Osterhoudt, Felix Sauoma, Ning Kang
Last Row Standing, Left to Right: Calford Otieno, Greg Parks, Austin Faucett, Steve Button, Justin Leshen, Shawn Sallis, Faramarz Hadian, William Thompson.


Graduate Students 2011-2012

Physics Graduate Students 2011-2012

 Names of graduates in the photograph above:

  • Back Row: Left to Right: Austin Faucett, Shawn Sallis, Greg Parks and David Stern
  • Second Row from Back: Left to Right: Todd Rutkowski, Nicholas Quackenbush, Connor Harrison, Steve Button, Joshua Hewlett, and William Thompson
  • Next Row: Left to Right: Imran Khan, Daniel Clark, Lennard Blum, Francis Mutuku, Felix Saouma and Calford Otieno
  • Front Row: Left to right: Patrick O Brien, Andrew Snyder, Jeremiah Dederick and Erik Weiler
  • Not in the photograph: Fangfang Song, Lingling Wu, and Rajesh Vaddi

Graduate Students 2010-2011

Physics Graduate Students


Who is Who in the Photograph:

  • Back Row: Left to Right: Steve Button, Joshua Hewlett, Connor Harrison, Austin Faucett, Greg Parks and Murray Parvez.
  • Middle Row: Left to Right: Robert Kuntz, Michael Paceli, Francis Mutuku, William Thompson and Jeremiah Dederick
  • Front Row: Left to Right: Erik Weiler, Andrew Snyder, Fangfang Song, Lingling Wu and Patrick Obrien
  • Not in the photograph: Rajesh Vaddi


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