Undergrad Students


If you have questions about registration, here are several resources for you.

​The best way to get the courses that you want is to register as soon as your registration window opens.

The College Scheduler program helps students create several potential schedules at registration time so that, once registration opens, students have several options set up in case a course that they want is already full.

If a course that you want is full, keep a watch on BU Brain throughout add/drop.  It is not unusual for students to change their registration, which may open a spot for you.  Linked courses, such as General Physics, are not able to be wait listed.  However, some of our other courses do have wait lists.

If you have a time conflict with classes, and need to take both classes, you will need to complete aCourse Conflict form.

Registering for an independent study course?  Print and complete this form then send it to our offices.

Our department sets some seats aside for freshman orientation and for transfer orientation during the summer.  These seats will be opened to other students once orientation is over.  The courses that have held seats are only in the fall semester and include PHYS 121, 131, 132, ASTR 114 and 115.

For those who have taken an AP Exam, credits can be applied in several ways.  If you haven't already done so, have your scores sent to Student Records.

Many of our undergraduate students come to us with credits from another school or want to take courses at a school near their hometown during the summer.  Find out about transferring credits to BU through the Admissions Office.

Some students want to take another school's version of PHYS 121, 122, 131, or 132 as a completely online course.  However, these introductory physics courses require a certain number of in-person and hands-on lab experiments in addition to the course's discussion and lecture components.  Online courses do not meet this criteria.

If you are not a Watson student, but want to take the Watson-Only Introductory Physics courses, complete this form.  To be eligible, Calculus II is a pre-requisite or co-requisite.

Do you need help with your physics classes?  Please come to Physics Help Room in S2 247.  There are other help options through The Tutoring Center.  Would you like to meet with your professor?  Here is a listing of contact information for physics instructors.