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Awards, Scholarships, Honors and Honor Society

George E. Moore Award

The George E. Moore Award is given to a senior for his or her excellent academic achievement. It is a cash prize and is presented at the end of the spring semester.

Recent recipients:

  • Xue Dong and Samuel Stromswold (2018)
  • Jaymes Flournoy and Matthew Petryk (2017)
  • Itai Maimon
  • Zachary Lebens-Higgins (2015)
  • Rostislaav Grynko and Zachary Tuchfeld (2014)
  • Anthony Frachioni (2013)
  • Sungoh Park (2013)
  • Mellissa Stanke (2013)
  • Mikhail Davydov (2012)
  • Gabriel Lotto (2012)
  • Mark Dello Stritto (2011)
  • James Ng(2011
  • Jiri Stehlik (2010)
  • Timothy White (2009)
  • Matthew Dornfeld (2009)
  • Colby Chiauzzi (2008)
  • Jeffrey Berger and Alessandra Borgia (2007) 
  • Joshua Wickman (2006)

George E. Moore Minority Physics Scholarship

Students planning on pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics at Binghamton University are encouraged to apply for the George E. Moore Minority Physics Scholarship. The award selection is based on the student's prior academic achievements, as reflected in the student's high school transcripts, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores and other evidences of scholastic merit. The scholarship is renewed every year based on satisfactory progress towards a degree in physics.

Recent recipients of the scholarship:

2014- 2015 

  • Matthew H. Britton, Andrew Genussa,  Mustafa Ibrahim, Deborah Mariotini , Mary E. Mcgahay, Kevin OCampo, and Yale R. Smola.

2013- 2014

  • Deborah Mariotini

2012- 2013

  • Melissa Ann Stanke and  Nina Pikula

2011- 2012

  • Melissa Ann Stanke, Nina Pikula


  • Melissa Ann Stanke, Nina Pikula and Ilana Elroy 

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, instituted by the U.S. Congress in 1986 in honor of Senator Barry M. Goldwater, is a merit scholarship given to a sophomore or a junior who has excellent academic achievement and shows keen interest in pursuing a career in math or physical science. The student is selected by a University-wide committee for this award.

Recent recipients:

  • Elisa Puschel was awarded the scholarship in 2005.

Robert Penfield Award

Robert Penfield Award is given to a junior majoring in physics who shows outstanding academic promise.

Recent recipients:

  • Bradley Phelps, Melissa Popeil, Peter Tomlinson, Shehtab Zaman
  • Xue Dong (2017)
  • Jaymes Flournoy (2016)
  • Richard J Barley, Edward Kicsak and Matthew Petryk (2015)
  • Scott Fennelly, Zachary W. Lebens- Higgins and Darin Mihalik (2014)
  • Zachary Tuchfeld (2013)
  • Anthony Frachioni (2012)
  • Mikhail Davydov (2011)
  • Gabriel Lotto (2011)
  • Mark Dello Stritto (2010)
  • James Ng (2010)

BS Honors Degree

Upperclassmen who have demonstrated superior academic ability may seek Honors for Distinguished Independent Study in Physics. Honors can be achieved through research or coursework.

  • Mo Li (2018)
  • Robert Joachim- Research Thesis Advisor- Prof. C.Nelson- Thesis Title: Investigation of a Top Quark Decay (2010)
  • Jiri Stehlik- Research Thesis Advisor- Prof. B. White- Thesis Title: Studies of phonon Propagation using Molecular Dynamics Simulation. (2010)

Sigma Pi Sigma Honor Society Inductees

Sigma Pi Sigma is a Physics Honor Society which in turn is a member of Association of College Honor Societies. The Society of Physics Students (SPS) was formed in 1968, as a result of the merger of Sigma Pi Sigma and the APS section. The Physics Department's honor society member number is 312.

Membership into this society is by invitation based on student's scholarship, further interest in higher education, interest in promoting interest among various community membership. The department sends out an invitation to eligible undergraduate and graduates and upon their acceptance solicits a small fee towards membership. In spring semester of each academic year, the invitations and acceptances take place and on the Awards ceremony day honoring the students scholarship, these invitees are inducted into the Sigma Pi Sigma Society.

Professor Bruce White is the chapter advisor. Inductees and the year of induction are listed below. The invitation to join the honor society is sent to the qualified students through department channels.

  • Dennis Dempsey , Joel Friedman, Mo Li, Peter Malinvern, Pravini Fernando, Robert Shepard, Sara Hussein Mohamed (2018)
  • Noam Hiltzik, Bradley Phelps, Vincent Plisson, Peter Tomlinson, Mathew Reed (2017)
  • Christopher Angyal, Richard Barley, Anthony Conte, Mohammed Genaro, Taylor Juran, Deborah Mariotini, Mary McGahay, Matthew Petryk, Todd Rutkowski, Katerina Simons, Ashley Talbot, Michael Tragor, Lina Wangoh, and Siuka Wong (2014-2015) 
  • Mark J. Dello Stritto - senior, BS '10
  • Fridah M Mokaya, MS '10
  • Francis M Mutuku, MS '10
  • Gregory J. Parks, MS '10


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