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Undergraduate Research

Physics department provides several opportunities for students to participate in both experimental and theoretical research. The students' efforts are supported with mentoring by faculty, awards, scholarships in summer as well as incidental expenses paid for publishing and presenting their work in symposia, conferences and technical meetings. A sample of research papers presented by the undergraduate students follows here. More recent work by students will be updated soon.

Research Papers/ Posters/ Awards for Research- by Undergraduate Students:

Award for Mr. Anthony Frachioni's research Poster:

October 14-16, 2010: Anthony Frachioni won one of three best poster awards at the 2010 Fall Meeting of the New York State Section of the American Physical Society (NYSSAPS). Mr. Frachioni's poster (.pdf, 1840kB) described the research he is carrying out with Professor White on Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Novel Nanocomposite Thermoelectric Materials. The next NYSSAPS meeting will take place in Albany, NY on April 8-9, 2011 and will be focused on Carbon Electronics. If you are interested in attending the spring meeting, please see Professor White.

4/21/2007: At XXVI Annual Symposium For Physics Students SPS Zone 2 Regional Meeting Held at University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, the following students presented their research papers. The research Advisor is Prof. Charles Nelson.

  1. "Para- Statistics I " by Matthew Barbery
  2. "Para-Statistics II" by Joshua Julian
  3. "Para-Quantum Field Theory" by Shan Hwang
  4. "Transformation Algebra between a New Coupling in top Quark Decay and the Standard Model" by Jeffrey Berger
  5. "Additional Couplings in the Standard Model at the High Energy Limit" by Patrick gan

In Nov 2006, at 'Undergraduate Research Day and Open House at Syracuse University', Syracuse, NY the following papers were presented.

  1. "Investigating the Effects of an Additional Lorentz Structure in Z->b bbar Decay" by Alessandra Borgia
  2. "Additional Couplings in the Standard Model at the High Energy Limit" by Patrick Gan
  3. "Parastatistics and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking" by Joshua Julian and Matthew Barbery

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