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Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Physics department  encourages our academically strong undergraduate students to participate in peer education by offering these students opportunities to serve as teaching assistants in introductory physics laboratory. The qualifications for TA applicants are that they have completed the Introductory Physics Course (either at BU or elsewhere), have a grade of B or better, a love of Physics, a passion for teaching and communicating ideas, and a desire/ commitment to spend time for others. In return, the teaching assistants receive prelab training and get a few course hours as credits towards their degree depending upon the number of lab sections that they are entrusted to teach.

The introductory physics lab students indicate that they love the time spent in the lab in part due to the superb job of teaching done by our undergraduate lab TAs.

The teaching assistants have given us the feedback that the TAship has helped them with a better grasp of physics besides the intangible satisfaction and pride that they are an integral part of the  introductory physics education.

Teaching assistants take an online (through Blackboard) safety training and need to pass a test after the safety training. Applications are available in department office, in lab manuals as well as here. Fill out the lab TA application available in the department's portal, -> link here.

Last Updated: 12/6/17