Safety message

Safety message for students living off campus

Throughout the academic year, we send messages to our students about how to be safe both on and off campus. These safety tips are important reminders for all students whether you live off campus, visit off campus or spend time downtown on the weekends. 

For example, it is tempting at times to leave apartment windows open, especially in warm weather if the apartment is not air conditioned. In the cooler months windows are sometimes cracked open to let in fresh air, but unlocked, open windows are no different than unlocked or open doors and can present an easy entry point for an intruder. Unlocked or open windows on the first floor or near stairways or fire escapes can be a significant risk to your personal safety. Keep windows closed and locked if you are not in your apartment and when you are asleep. By securing your apartment doors and windows, you make it much harder for someone to get in. Delaying entry to intruders by just a few minutes increases the chances they will be detected or will give up and find an easier target. If you see anyone around your apartment who does not belong there, call the police immediately.

Other safety reminders when living or visiting off campus include:

  • knowing your neighborhood and where you are
  • having a plan before you go out, and staying in pairs or groups
  • letting your friends know where you are and when you are returning
  • using the OCCT and BCT bus systems if you don't have a car
  • keeping a cell phone on you with emergency numbers programmed in
  • reporting all suspicious activity and persons to police
  • calling 911 from your cell phone if you feel threatened or spot suspicious persons or activity
  • helping your friends make good decisions and remembering that alcohol impairs judgment and your ability to recognize dangerous situations

Personal safety is a shared responsibility and we encourage you to take care of each other by following the safety tips in this message allowing you the opportunity to safely take advantage of all that the Binghamton area has to offer.