Summer travel safety tips

Whether traveling in New York state or beyond, follow these safety tips to keep yourself, your friends and your belongings secure.

  1. RideShare/taxi/Uber/Lyft safety: Check the license plate, check the car model/make and confirm the driver's picture. In addition, ask the driver what your name is before getting in. Share your trip with roommates or family so they can ensure you get to your destination.
  2. Walking: Take well-lit and well-traveled streets. Do not take shortcuts or use dark alleyways. Remove headphones and stay alert (look up, not at your phone).  Whenever possible, walk with a friend, especially in a foreign place.
  3. Biking: Know the rules for the city you visit. This guide to International Bike Safety is comprehensive. Wear a helmet, ensure the bike is working properly, and has lights/reflectors. Have a credit card, photo ID, phone (of course!) and water. Want to bike Binghamton? Check out the Two Rivers Greenway!
  4. Driving: Road tripping? Be aware of summer driving hazards. Review this checklist to prepare your car for a long trip.
  5. Traveling abroad: Review this travel checklist to prepare and stay informed while away. Familiarize yourself online with the common scams and tourist traps you may encounter at your destination.
  6. Check for travel advisories: Before you make any international travel plans, do some homework on the country you plan to visit. Never board a plane without checking the State Department’s travel advisories posted for countries all around the world.
    Pro tip: Share your itinerary, copy of your passport and your local contact information with a family member in case items are lost.
  7. Deter pickpockets: Wrap your wallet in a light scarf to make it harder for someone to reach into your bag and grab it. Also keep your bag on your hip in front of you and don’t keep your wallet in your backpack!