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PreLaw Preparation

Political science is a popular major for students interested in pursuing a career in the law. The political science major assists students in preparing for success in law school in four ways:

  • Students enjoy flexibility in fulfilling the requirements for the political science major, permitting them to select a range of law-related courses.
  • Courses in the major emphasize the development of critical thinking and writing skills, skills that will serve students well in law school and beyond.
  • The majority of political science majors interested in law school complete at least one internship in a legal environment, giving them valuable first-hand insight into their proposed profession.
  • Students have the chance to work closely with faculty as teaching assistants for law-related classes as well as on collaborative research with faculty, thereby developing the close rapport with faculty that enhances student success.

Political science majors with particular interests in the law, legal institutions, and legal processes are encouraged to pursue to the Concentration in Politics & Law.

Last Updated: 4/27/18