Honorary Degree Recipients

Honorary degree recipients' lives and achievements should serve as examples of the University's aspirations for its students. Because the nominee's achievements must be both relevant and appropriate to the Binghamton University campus, those with a connection to the campus or a member of the University community are preferred.

Campus nominations are considered sequentially by the President's Honorary Degree Advisory Committee, the SUNY Chancellor, the SUNY Honorary Degree Committee and the SUNY Board of Trustees.

The Office of the President invites nominations of individuals to be considered for honorary degree. Please submit your nomination to the dean of your school or directly to the president if you have no school affiliation. Typically, nominations should be submitted before the end of March for consideration for the following year's Commencement.

To nominate someone, submit a letter of nomination describing why the nominee's distinction or eminence in his or her field justifies the awarding of an honorary degree and stating how the nominee's achievements are relevant to our campus. Please provide detailed information about the nominee's accomplishments, such as a vitae or Who's Who entry, if available. Confidentiality should be maintained, particularly with regard to the nominee. No one already holding an honorary degree from any SUNY institution is eligible to receive another one. To check in advance regarding an individual's eligibility or for other questions concerning criteria and process, contact the President's Office at 777-2131 or Pamela Mischen, faculty advisor to the president, at pmischen@binghamton.edu.

Previous honorary degree recipients include:

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Last Updated: 2/20/18