2015-16 Funding

With $1.8 million in continuing funding to allocate for the 2015-2016 academic year, the Road Map Steering Committee met in summer 2014, making final decisions of which proposals to fund. Of the 153 original proposals, the University's Senior Officers Group combined similar ones under single titles and reduced the number of proposals to 54, of which 10 received funding. The majority of funds added support staff in priority areas.

Funding Decisions
Proposal Description Amount
Undergraduate and graduate recruitment Two Graduate School recruiters, one Watson graduate student recruiter and one undergraduate admissions recruiter $240,000
Four staff members
Graduate student support Tuition and stipends for exceptionally qualified PhD students $600,000
Approximately 20 new PhD lines of support
4-1-1 program Adding staff that will find internships for master’s students and support the integration of 4-1-1 internships with degree programs. $120,000
Travel funds and 2 staff members: 1 staff member in the CCPD and 1 staff member in the Graduate School
Academic affairs staffing Adding staff in priority areas of academic affairs $300,000
Seven staff positions, salaries between of $35,000 and $60,000: 1 OIRA analyst, 3 secretaries in Watson, 1 administrative assistant in computer science, 1 admin assistant in social work, 1 staff member in marketing and communications
Undergraduate advising Support staff to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of our advising staff $160,000
Four staff positions, average salary of $40,000: 2 advisors in Harpur and 2 in SOM.
Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence Support staff to advance the progress of our six TAE committees $125,000
Three staff positions, average salary of $42,000, 1 grant writer, 1 administrative assistant and 1 laboratory technician in health sciences
Entrepreneurship and innovation partners Support staff and seed funds to increase the success of undergraduate and graduate student business startups. $75,000
One staff position at $50,000 to help student start-ups build business plans and find initial funding, and $25,000 of seed investments provided to start-up companies begun by students
Language Center Staff to support the creation of a Language Center that will identify, design and acquire language instruction resources for both domestic and international students. $60,000
One staff member to direct the Language Center
Start-up supplemental support Equipment and transition salary support for new hires No funding projected for 2015-16, but $600,000 of one-time funding provided in 2014-15 with a goal to provide funding in 2015-16 with one-time funds.
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Increasing staffing to support federal Title IX requirements and student diversity activities. $125,000 (3 staff positions)